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The unexpected? Tokyo Revengers hit

The manga Tokyo Revengers has become one of the successes of this year. The play began its publication in Japan in 2017 without making too much noise, but it maintained a loyal following and stable sales until its anime premiered last April. From that moment on, the adventures of Takemichi, sent 12 years into the past to save his former girlfriend from an attack by yakuzas, fascinate readers, not just from Japan, but from all over the world. And from today, November 12, Tokyo Revengers arrives to conquer the Spanish market as well.

Editorial Standard has been done with one of the most requested licenses of the last few months. The publisher launches the manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui in a surprising edition kanzenban double volume with color illustrations, not included in the original Japanese volumes. The price per volume is a bit high (€ 16), but Editorial Standard begins its publication in Spain with a promotion with a pack with the first two copies at the price of one. This commercial strategy, without any doubt, is going to bring good benefits to the publisher because, currently, unless it has been reserved, it is practically impossible to get one.

The expectation is such that even some specialized stores have prepared events to receive the start of publication from Tokyo Revengers in Spain, something that until now had not been seen in our country. But we are not talking about just any work. As has happened with other manga such as Guardians of the night O Jujutsu Kaisen, thanks to anime (also to the premiere of its live-action, it must be said), and despite its poor production quality, Tokyo Revengers will be in the Top 5 best-selling manga in Japan this year.

Specifically, the manga of Tokyo Revengers has already exceeded 40 million copies in the Japanese country, achieving an increase in sales of 670%. In fact, the publisher Kodansha He stated in July that the reception was much more positive than expected, since 2.4 volumes are sold on average per second. In addition, already in the month of August (and by then still with 14 weeks to close the editorial year) it became the manga of Kodansha that has sold the most copies in a single year, surpassing the record it had Attack the titans in 15.9 million copies in 2013.

The most curious thing of all is that Ken Wakui himself is the first surprised for this fashion, which goes beyond the borders of the Japanese archipelago, as revealed in a interview conducted on the YouTube channel of Kodansha USA last September. However, and although its own author may find it strange, the manga of Tokyo Revengers have very good ingredients to hook readers wherever they are from.

Charisma-packed characters

Initially read by an audience in their forties nostalgic for the furyo, that is, sleeves of criminals, very popular in Japan thanks to titles such as Rokudenashi Blues, Tokyo Revengers have you seen how his audience rejuvenated and became more feminine with the animated series. Many of those who started watching anime ended up moving on to manga and, in my opinion, while the series can open many doors, the manga is much more enjoyable and exciting to follow.

The success of Tokyo Revengers is also partly due to the covers, which were changed to appeal to a younger audience and that since then have presented the characters in iconic poses. But, without any doubt, one of the main interests of Tokyo Revengers resides precisely in the charisma of its characters. Takemichi of course it stands out, but there are others like the mysterious and funny Mikey, the impassive and loyal Dragons or the unpredictable Tetta Kisaki the ones that actually make Tokyo Revengers be a gripping story.

Therefore, it is not surprising that other authors such as Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul) have declared themselves fans of the manga, even claiming to be impressed by the design of the characters. And is that Tokyo Revengers it is a manga very different from others, in which the authors usually rely solely on their hairstyles to differentiate their characters.

Hard emotional blows

Tokyo Revengers It has also seduced a large public thanks to its relentless stage mechanics, which allows an ingenious and original review of time travel. However, it is important to keep in mind to enjoy the work that time travel in Tokyo Revengers they are just one narrative excuse by its author. Tokyo Revengers does not pretend to be a Steins;GateInstead, the plot is based more on second chances in life and relationships between a group of young delinquents.

Throughout the chapters, Takemichi He believes that he has succeeded in his mission, but that is when unexpected events happen that endanger the lives of some of the characters. Whether Takemichi manages to save that character as if not, the manga is full of very strong emotional moments, in which Takemichi he discovers a new and even darker version of his present, realizing that what he has done has had no effect or has even made things worse. And that’s precisely what gets readers hooked: amazing script twists and a message from Ken Wakui present throughout the work, influencing the past has consequences.

This is the feeling that Ken Wakui wanted to create with Tokyo Revengers. I wanted to create a Universal history that he could speak to all readers and, for this, the mangaka play with the nascent nostalgia for the 2000s. The action takes place 12 years in the past, in 2005. A time not chosen at random, because Ken Wakui has recognized that he preferred to choose a time that he knew better and because one of the editors of Kodansha he was in 3rd ESO at the time, just like Takemichi.

Continuing with the story, as Takemichi progresses in his goals, the plot will get darker and darker. New allies and antagonists will appear. The characters will also say goodbye to the innocence of youth and the series will become more realistic as the heroes approach or enter adulthood. Thus they show us a world of crime that, unlike the past, is not at all pleasant.

But, for those who still have doubts about whether to get hold of Tokyo Revengers for being an extensive work (it has 24 volumes in Japan and remains open), in addition to being a double volume edition, the manga is in the final arc. Ken Wakui knows how his story is going to end and everything indicates that it will be up to the readers to enjoy, but also suffer until the last chapter. Although we are convinced that the trip in general will be worth it.