These are the best anime openings in history

Since the openings are usually a part of the series that we don’t usually take into account, today we talk about the best anime openings.

Any audiovisual piece is made up of a multitude of elements: direction, script, lighting, photography, and a long etcetera. If all of them are in perfect sync and done well, a movie or series can become an absolute masterpiece. But, in the same way, if only one of the factors that influence a production fails or is simply mediocre, it can fall until it becomes a mess.

Obviously, not all components affect the final result in the same way. One of these ingredients, which in many cases is left aside, but which is vital and even, depending on its use, a scene can have several totally opposed meanings, is music.

When we talk about it in an audiovisual work, the classic soundtrack usually comes to mind, in many cases a boring and generic piece of music, performed by a handful of string and wind instruments, which, apparently, goes well with what we are observing at the moment.

However, there are many other ways to implement it in a production. One of them, which occurs mostly in series, and within them especially in animated ones, are the ‘openings’ or ‘intros’. Today we come to talk about them, more specifically about the best anime openings. So, read on to find out which songs we consider, completely subjectively, to be the standouts.

The best anime openings ever made

Cry Baby – Tokyo Revengers

We start the list with one of the most recent songs on the list. The first and only opening of the Tokyo Revengers anime in its initial season stands out, mainly, for its great song. However, we must not leave aside the visuals, which fulfill their function quite well and are consistent with the series, in addition to presenting some very successful transitions.

Its main flaw is that, at times, it makes some spoilers about the future of the series. It is true that you have to look very carefully to notice these small advances. Even so, the general evaluation is enormously positive and we can affirm without fear of being wrong that this is one of the best anime openings in recent years.

A Cruel Angel’s Thesis – Neon Genesis Evangelion

This is, without a doubt, the most mythical and well-known piece of all those present in this article. Its beautiful introduction, the cryptic, but at the same time, iconic images and its epic verses create what, according to a large number of otakus around the world, is the undisputed No. 1 among the best anime openings ever conceived.

A little curiosity: this opening exists due to the decisions of the studio, since the director Hideaki Anno wanted to use a piece of classical music called ‘Prince Igor’s Polovtsian Dances’ instead. This is proof that, although in very few cases, the decisions of producers and companies regarding a creative work are positive.

Dream Lantern – Your name.

This is one of the few anime openings present in movies, and the first on this list. And, unlike in other feature films in which a song appears, like any other work on the soundtrack, at the beginning of the film, in this case we do see an opening just like in the series.

And what an opening, especially with that beautiful animation and editing that, if they are already amazing in the rest of the film, in this brief moment they shine even more. Unfortunately, the scene is not available on YouTube, so while you’re at it, find the movie and enjoy it all over again. And, if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it, he assured you that it will not disappoint you.

Tank! – Cowboy Bebop

This is another of the songs that usually ranks highest, competing with ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’, in the rankings of best anime openings. And of course, with these legendary images, which perfectly perform their function, which is to introduce the characters of the series, its style and its plot, both at the beginning of it and at the beginning of each episode.

But the musical composition itself must not be left aside, which is pure jazz. And, even so, with practically no lyrics, which is one of the main elements of the openings, they manage to place themselves above most of the openings in the story. In addition, its western style has made it used in a large number of commercials, television programs and other productions completely unrelated to anime.

When the Weak Go Marching In – The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

This anime, much more unknown than the rest of this list, aired during the summer season of 2021. It had a stellar start, with an animation by Mappa that, in the case of a work of this type, was far above average.

However, in terms of the plot, it lost steam in its second half, causing this series to fail. At least he left us one thing, good, very, very good: his opening. This creates a captivating atmosphere, which, mixed with some of the most creative and unusual visuals, manages to sneak into this list among the greatest openings.

My Generation – A Silent Voice

The second and last song belonging to a film is also much older than the tape itself and dates from 1965. It is an incredibly well-known song since it was created by the British band ‘The Who’. In fact, its success can be demonstrated in the number of times it has been covered by other great artists such as ‘Green Day’ or ‘Oasis’.

As for the visual section, it is just as beautiful as the rest of the film. It is halfway between being a scene created with the purpose of being a full-fledged opening and another part of the film. And, it is that, it has a montage typical of an opening, but it shows important moments for the plot, especially for the characterization of its characters.

Dream Island Obsessional Park – Paranoia Agent

We finish this list with another opening belonging to a not very well-known series. It is likely that because of the title and even the images it does not sound like it at all. However, surely with the name of its director and screenwriter you will contextualize it more: Satoshi Kon. Yes, this series is the work of the great master of illusions and one of the best anime creators we have come across so far.

His visuals are, like Kon’s works, this one included, very cryptic. Although, this has something very good, since you are not going to spoil anything about the plot. But, what stands out the most and the main reason why this piece is on this list is the music. This song manages to build a unique atmosphere, evoking mystery and bordering on terror, just like the series itself. And, at the same time, it is an absolute hit that will not leave anyone indifferent.

And you, dear reader, what do you think about this list? Do you think another opening should be here? Tell us through social networkswhere we remind you that you can follow us if you want to know the latest news on anime, science fiction and fantasy.

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