They are the 3 children of Alfredo Adame and Mary Paz Banquells

Currently the name of Alfredo Adame It is always linked with some controversy. It is common for him to find himself in a war of declarations with Carlos Trejo, King Grupero or his own sonswhom he procreated during his marriage with Mary Paz Banquells.

Adame was married to Mary Paz for more than 25 years and they had three boys: Diego, Alexander Y Sebastian. However, when the couple divorced in 2018, since then the driver has been involved in a series of back and forth with his own family.

The problems reached such a degree that, Alfredo Adame disinherited his children, he took away their last name and cut off all kinds of communication with them.

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Here at we tell you who all the children of driver Alfredo Adame are and what they do… Find out!

vanessa adame

She is the eldest daughter of the actor, she is 42 years old and was born from the actor’s first marriage, although the name of the mother is unknown.

It is known that the relationship between Vanessa and Alfredo was not the best, they even stayed apart for some time, but it seems that things have improved, because recently her father has mentioned that she and her grandchildren are her only family.

Yes indeed; it seems that vanessa adame She has the same character as her father, because in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, she was accused of organizing parties at her house and her neighbors pointed out that she was a problematic and very partying woman.

Who are the children of Alfredo Adame?

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Diego Adame Banquells

He is the eldest son of Alfredo Adame and Mary Paz Banquells. He has a degree in Marketing and is studying a master’s degree in Business Administration. He has worked in several companies in the Marketing area.

Diego, 29 years old, also works as a dubbing actor; one of his most beloved characters that he has lent a voice to is Ran Haitani in tokyo avengers.

Who are the children of Alfredo Adame?

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Alejandro Adame Banquells

Alex is the second son of the Adame Banquells couple and is 27 years old. He describes himself on social media as an artist, and shares many photos of his creations, which are geared towards drawing and character development for comics.

Who are the children of Alfredo Adame?

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Sebastian Adame Banquells

He is the youngest of the children of Adame and Mary Paz. He is 23 years old and is the most active on social media of his. Like his brother Alejandro, he has worked as a voice actor, is a chef and calls himself a geek. He is also a member of the LGBT community.

Who are the children of Alfredo Adame?

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