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Before we get to this chapter we have some really sad news for the fans as the Tokyo Avengers manga is officially ending and now we only have the final 2 chapters left, including the Chapter 277.

Next, The Truth News share with you some spoilers and hints for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 277 titled “Finally”. Also, you will be able to find some of the raw pages and scans:

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 277

The side text says: Takemichi and Mikey find themselves in a world where they initially didn’t know each other.. Takemichi and Mikey are seen looking at each other in shock. Takemichi yells, “Mikey-kun!?” and Mikey replies, “Don’t tell me that… Are you really Takemitchy?”

Takemichi and Mikey realize that they both traveled through time together. They both look at each other with tears of happiness, while Shinichiro, Emma, ​​Sanzu, Baji have no idea what is going on.

Shinichiro says to Baji, “What about those two?” and Baji replies “Who knows…” Mikey and Takemichi are now seen running and Mikey says that he doesn’t quite understand, but after Takemichi died he closed his eyes and strongly wished that Takemichi would wake up. And that when he opened his eyes, he was here.

Tokyo Avengers 277 Manga

Tokyo Avengers 277 manga scan

Takemichi says that when he was about to die he could feel Mikey’s tears and he wanted to wake up too. They both say that it is indeed a miracle and now they are on top of a house.

Mikey says that he felt something on my hand holding Takemichi at the time and Takemichi concludes that he was the one who gave Mikey power. But then, as he held my hand again, he went back in time with him.

Mikey asks Takemichi what he’s going to do now and Takemichi replies, “I’ve been fighting alone my whole life. But…. Now I have you…” Mikey says that this will be his revenge and after that, they both move on.

We see a meeting of founding members and at the beginning of TOMAN, Baji proposes: “The 7 of us will form a biker gang…”. Takemichi asks the group to include a friend of his who introduced himself as Kisaki Tetta.

Sanzu says that he doesn’t want to be in a biker gang, we see Shinchiro on a bike and we also see Baji, Kazutora and Emma-chan. The manga jumps a few years where we see Mikey and Takemichi saving the Shiba family, Koko-kun, Inupi-kun, Izana, Kaku-chan, Mucho-kun.

We then see Mikey and Takicmichi crying together where Takemichi says, “It’s finally over, right?” and Mikey replies, “Yes.” In the end, Mikey breaks up the Manji gang, the manga jumps 11 years to July 3, 2017 and the church bell rings. This is where the chapter ends.

Editor’s comment: “Revenge has finally taken place. What is the end we have come to? At the end of the previous chapter, vWe went to Takemichi and Mikey going back in time. It only remains to enjoy a happy ending or any other surprise that the creator Ken Wakui.

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What time and where to read TR Chapter 277?

Tokyo Avengers 277 Manga

Image: Kodansha Comics/Tokyo Avengers 277

The next chapter of Tokyo Revengers, also known as chapter 277, is expected to be released on November 8, 2022. It will be released around midnight in Japan and will be released globally on the following dates and times:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8 a.m.
  • Central Daylight Time: 10 a.m.
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11 a.m.
  • British Summer Time: 4 pm
  • Central European Time: 5pm
  • India Standard Time: 20:30

you can find the tokyo avengers manga officially in Kodansha Comics or read the chapter translated by fans from this link. We recommend you always read the manga from official sources when it is available in your country.

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