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Unlike the West, in Japan not only is he told ‘otaku’ to the person who has a fondness for anime, but to those people who have an obsession for any other specific subject, from military artillery, television dramas, collectible toys, etc.

For its part, the channel Abema TV (a public channel of Japanese television), wanted to focus on the stereotype of otaku who is a fan of anime and present his room for a group of personalities to react. Some of their faces range from astonishment to revulsion.

Something curious is that this program Kodomo-beya-ojisan It is from the year 2020 and it is just gaining relevance among the otaku community and anime fan.

The first reactions we see are from a couple of Japanese women who see the room cluttered and full of sleeves.

Otaku 40 Years Room1

But, his reaction changes to complete mockery and laughter when he sees the manga and anime collectible cards that he owns.

They make a Reality Show of a 40 year old otaku showing.webp
Otaku 40 Years Room3

One of them is surprised by the amount of special edition toys that this otaku has, as is the case of a GTR Syline from the well-known brand TAMIYA of electric cars.

When they finally show it on screen, the Japanese woman’s reaction shows complete displeasure.

Otaku 40 Years Room

Finally, we see how another of the presenters of this program of Abema TV Reacts to the collection of figures of this adult otaku, anime fan.

Otaku 40 Years Room5

Even showing his pornographic illustration work on the screen and even a porn parody of the famous anime K-On!

Otaku 40 Years Room4
Otaku 40 Years Room6

What do you think? Do you think this show reinforces stereotypes against otakus, anime fans, or was it just another kinky show?

Are otakus, anime fans, really the problem?

In recent years, there has been a debate against the consumption of different anime, especially by otakus, due to the sexualization of some of their characters or their level of graphic violence. However, not all series are like Shingeki no Kyojin O Death Note, fictional products.

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Some of these anime like Orange have served their audience to touch sensitive topics such as suicide O Tokyo Revengers for talk about marginality and social exclusion. So, like any other entertainment medium, its range of possibilities allows you to choose what content is right for you.

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