This is the Manga Barcelona activities program

In its 27th edition, Manga Barcelona come back in person this Friday, October 29 with many proposals for attendees. From exhibitions to conferences, workshops, master classes, screenings, ‘meet and greets’, etc. Here are the highlights of each day.

Friday 29

11:30-12:30 Workshop Learn to cook korokke, Japanese curry and rice. With MUJI in the Nihon Ryori room

12:30 Ceremony of delivery of the Manga Barcelona Awards in the auditorium

13:00-14:00 The world of sports in the manganime: from Oliver and Benji to Haikyuu !! From the hand of Mangaes in the Manga 5 Room

18:00-19:00 Carles Dalmau signs posters in the M&G Artists room

18:00-19:15 Bullying in the manga: Let’s talk! In the Japan Experience room

18:30-19:00 Ramen Slurping Contest I. In the Nihon Ryori Room

Saturday 30

10:00-20:00 Presentation of news from all publishers. In Manga Room 6

11:00-12:30 Japan Media Arts Festival: Meeting with Kohinata Marco. Moderated by Marc Bernabé in Manga 5 Room

11:00-12:30 Kendo exhibition. In the Budo Experience space

14:00-15:30 The corner is the manga: the state of anime in Catalan. By the hand of Núria Trifol in the Manga Room 5

15:30-17:00 Tokyo Revengers and Eurocentrism. With Marina Golondrina, Mònica Rex and Estel·la Ramírez in Sala Manga 5

18:30-19:30 Mental health in the manga. With Mangas and Other Vignettes in Manga Room 5

Sunday 31st

10:00-11:00 Gastronomy and traditional festivals in Japan. With the Consulate General of Japan in Barcelona in the Nihon Ryori space

11:00-15:00 Grand Premiere Series: Tokyo Revengers live-action trailer + Tokyo Revengers 2 chapters (50min) VOSE + presentation and subsequent discussion. In the auditory

12:30-14:00 Express Japanese course “Welcome to the world of Japanese and its culture”. In Manga Room 3

14:00-15:30 The contours of cosplay: photography, styling and makeup. By Gehe in Manga Room 3

14:00-15:30 Pro Shojo Spain: The importance of female demographics in times of patriarchy. From the hand of Sheila Malchirant in Sala Manga 5

15:30-17:00 Let’s talk about it: Detective Conan. With Clara Schwarze, Adriana Díaz, Marta Ferrer and Marc Gómez in Sala Manga 5

Monday 1

11:00-12:30 Japan Media Arts Festival: Interview with Hirako Waka (‘My Broken Mariko’). From the hand of Marc Bernabé in the Manga 5 Room

13:00-14:00 Workshop of Fûrin (wind chimes) (Japan Foundation). In the Japan Experience space

13:00-14:30 Fanzines Presentation in Sala Manga 6

15:00-16:00 Cosplay Parade on the Grand Stage

Related news

15:30-17:00 The 3XL Channel: how it came about, what impact it had and how it could be repeated. With Raul Tidor, Ángel Carmona, Ofèlia Carbonell and Marc Pérez in Sala Manga 5

17:30-20:00 20th anniversary tribute: Spirited Away (124min) VOSE. In the auditory