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To become a Real Heroine! will premiere on April 7

From the Web official anime adaptation of the song “Heroine Tarumono!” from Honeyworksentitled To Become a Real Heroine! The Unpopular Girl and the Se cret Taskwere shown a new promotional image and the second trailer. In this they have announced the release date of the series for on april 7 and the theme of ending from the series, song titled “Tokyo Sunny Party” and interpreted by the characters that form IPL x IPL and Hiyori Suzumi. LIP X LIP They will also be in charge of interpreting the opening «Julietta». In the case of the new promotional image, a “update” of the first poster with photographs of Sena Narumi, Mona Narumi, and the members of Full Throttle4.

In this way, the new characters announced are:

  • sora amamiya What Sign Narumi

  • Shiina Natsukawa What monkey Narumi

  • Tetsuya Kakihara What MEGU

Regarding the previously announced voice casting, this is made up of the following distribution of roles:

  • Inori Minase In the role of Hiyori Suzumi
  • Kouki Uchiyama What Yūjirō Someya (LIP × LIP)
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki will play Aizo Shibasaki (LIP × LIP)
  • Ayane Sakura What Juri Hattori
  • Saori Hayami What Chizuru Nakamura
  • Junya Enok What nagisa shiranami
  • Momo Asakura What Hina Setoguchi
  • Natsuki Hanae What Kotarō Enomoto
  • Takuya Eguchi What Ken Shibasaki
  • Nao Toyama What Arise Takamizawa
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka What Kodai Yamamoto

The study lay-duce is in charge of the animation of this new project. Noriko Hashimoto directs this animated project of “Heroine Tarumono!” while Yoshimi Narita (I★CHU: Halfway Through The Idol) is in charge of writing and supervising the script. kaori ishii (Our Wild Youth) is credited as character designer and chief animation director. Ryōsuke Obokata is behind the artistic direction of the series and Tomoko Yamazaki of the color Yomogiko Murano is the director of photography and Go Sadamatsu handles the direction. Regarding the musical section, yukio nagasaki is the sound director while Moe Hyūga (LIP×LIP FILM×LIVE: Kono Sekai no Tanoshimikata, Our Wild Youth, Steins;Gate 0) is in charge of musical composition.

Furthermore, the series count from january with an adaptation to sleeve. This is updated with a new chapter on digital platforms on first day and third sunday of each month.

Hiyori Suzumi, a high school girl who becomes a manager-in-training for the LIP × LIP high school idol unit. Hiyori left her hometown to pursue her dream of athletics and enrolled in Tokyo’s Sakuragaoka High School. Looking for a part-time job in Tokyo, she ended up working as a manager trainee for her classmates Yūjirō Someya and Aizō Shibasaki, who are members of the idol group LIP × LIP.

Source: ANN