TOC of the Weekly Shônen Jump # 8 2022 – Ramen For Two

TOC of the Weekly Shônen Jump # 8 2022

This Monday is officially put on sale Number 8 of the magazine Weekly Shônen Jump. the weekly of Shueisha bring in front page a MASHLE, by Hajime Kōmoto, on the occasion of the second anniversary since the beginning of its publication in the pages of the mangazine. In addition, this week’s chapter of the series is 26 pages long and includes a color introduction.

When it comes to popularity ranking, Jujutsu Kaisen repeat this week on number one. follow him My Hero Academia Y Dr. Stone in second and third position, respectively. In the lower part, the surprising drop to the last position from Me & Roboco. What’s more, Undead Unluck, after occupying the cover of last week, returns to the path of previous issues and is located in the penultimate place.

Regarding the new series, last week it debuted in the ranking Ayashimon, the new Yuuji Kaku, known for being the author of Jigokuraku, and now it’s the turn of Mamore! Shugomaru. the sleeve of Daiki Ihara does not open with very good results, in the eighth position. We will have to see how it evolves in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, this number Weekly Shônen Jump brings in its pages the one-shot titled Ware wa Ryujin, written and illustrated by Shuhei Tanizaki. It has 47 pages, some of them in color.

Finally, the preview of the next issue of the Weekly Shônen Jump reveals that fugitive hero will occupy the front page of the magazine. What’s more, One Piece He’ll be back from his break this week.

Then we leave you with the complete ranking:

MASHLE (Cover. Color main pages. 26 page chapter. Second anniversary celebration)
1. Jujutsu Kaisen
2. My Hero Academia
Sakamoto Days (color pages)
3. Dr. Stone
4. Black Clover
5. the blue box
6. Kokousei Kazoku
Ware wa Ryujin (Color pages. One-shot of 47 pages)
Dorodororon (23 page chapter)
7. The Yozakura Family Mission
8. Mamore! Shugomaru
Ayashimon (color pages)
10. fugitive hero
11. Ayakashi Triangle
12. God of Destruction Magu-Chan
14. Undead Unluck
15. Me and Roboco

*Series containing color pages are not included in the weekly ranking

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