Tokyo Avengers 276 shows Takemichi and Mikey going back in time

Tokyo Avengers 276 answered the question of who between Takemichi and Mikey will travel in time; and it is not what the readers expected. the mangaka ken wakui not only did it introduce another side of time, skipping just two chapters before its series ends, but it also hinted at a total reboot.

Furthermore, TR chapter 276 also contained a color poster for the anime’s upcoming season 2 along with a list of actors. With the mange ending on November 16, 2022, the release of season 2 in January 2023 is a relief for fans. Tokyo Revengers chapter 276 is titled “Get Over”.

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers 276

Tokyo Avengers 276 Manga

The last jump in time is activated

Previously, The Truth News reported on Takemichi’s death in Tokyo Avengers Chapter 275. Chapter 276 started with Mikey lamenting that he stayed away from his friends just to avoid a tragedy like this.

He begged Takemichi to wake up, stating that there would be no point in what they had done without him. As Mikey cried, his tears fell onto the back of Takemichi’s hand that he was still holding, and this triggered a time jump.

Tokyo Avengers 276 Manga

Image: Tokyo Avengers 276

At this point, Takemichi understood that he had jumped through time. However, before he could think about it, a younger Mikey came out of the house and asked him to introduce himself. When Takemichi burst into tears thinking that this Mikey didn’t know him anymore, the boy seemed surprised and addressed him as “Takemitchy”.

Tokyo Avengers 276 Manga

Takemichi meets Mikey in 1998

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Many readers have pointed out that a happy ending as a result of a hard reset will be pointless and somewhat disappointing. Others believe that a happy ending is preferable to an unnecessary and abject tragedy.

Either way, Wakui only has two chapters left to shape its ending to fit the narrative that has charmed so many readers and brought criminals back into fashion. you can find the tokyo avengers manga from the Kodansha Comics website.

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