Tokyo Avengers Chapter 237 spoilers highlights and where to read

The series of manga Japanese Tokyo Revenges, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, is serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen magazine since March 2017. Tokyo Avengers Chapter 237 is the next installment to be released on January 12, 2022, after a break.

The manga is progressing to the end of the final arc of the series. Chapter 237 is one of the most anticipated chapters as it will reveal the result of the battle between the Three Deities. Hina and Takemichi will start a new life in the future.

Takemichi promises to protect Hina he is also very upset that Draken left so he will decide to face Mikey in Chapter 237. Fans are eager to see Takemichi’s decision. Previously in The Truth News We inform everything about where to read Tokyo Revengers 236 in Spanish.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 237 spoilers and scans

Official spoilers are out for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 237 titled “Make Allies”. In the previous chapter, Takemichi decides to form his own team and create a gang named Thousand Winters to dominate KantouManji.

Fortunately, Chifuyu becomes the first member to join Takemichi’s gang. After Chifuyu, Hakkai will also join that gang in In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237.

Takemichi will provide a dress to the members. There is a picture of a cat drawn in the middle of the uniform. In uniform, the three members will visit Inupi. Inupi will also join Thousand Winters in hopes that Takemichi will properly handle Mikey.

We will see a flashback in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237 where Koko will come to Inupi for help when Mikey is injured by Takemichi. Koko will ask you to take Takemichi to the hospital. When Inupi is asked if he is happy in Mikey’s gang, he tells Koko that to stay safe, the winning gang is the best.

However, he will also appreciate Koko for choosing a sincere person. After the flashback, Inupi will join Takemichi’s gang. But you will not agree with the cat symbol on the uniform in Chapter 237. On the other hand, we remind you that the Tokyo Revengers anime will have a new season.

Where to read Tokyo Avengers manga?

Tokyo Revengers Manga Kodansha

Imagen: Kodansha / Tokyo Revengers

The fans can read Tokyo Avengers Chapter 237 and more chapters on Kodansha official website, but they would have to pay to read the later chapters. keep an eye out for The Truth News for information on Japanese manga chapters.

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