Tokyo Avengers Chapter 242 release date, spoilers, and where to read

Fans are eagerly awaiting the official release of the manga Tokyo Avengers Chapter 242. Well, here is everything you need to know about the spoilers and the release date of the next chapter.

Warning! This post of The Truth News contains spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers manga created by Ken Wakui and published by Kodansha. Earlier, we reported that Chapter 241 reveals important facts about Haruchiyo and Mikey.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 242 Release Date

Tokyo Avengers Kodansha Manga

Photo: Kodansha / Tokyo Avengers Manga

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 242 is scheduled to release worldwide on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 or Wednesday, February 16depending on your region. Readers in Japan can purchase Kodansha’s weekly magazine to read the next chapter of Tokyo Avengers.

International readers, on the other hand, can purchase all volumes of the manga series by Ken Wakui via Kodansha’s official website. In the previous chapter of Tokyo Revengers we saw the past of Haruchiyo, Senju and Mikey.

We learned that Senju’s lie was the reason Mikey hit Haru, leaving the scars on her face. Senju said that he saw the evil and aggressive side of Mikey that day, and he showed that same side when he beat Takemichi.

Of course, after hearing all of this, Takemichi is more confident in defeating Mikey. And now, our crying hero is ready to take the next step in the next chapter.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 242 Spoilers

The chapter begins with Takemichi looking at the bike Mikey gave him. He also looks at the uniform on the bike, which is the same uniform Mikey gave him all those years ago. Now, a week later, the members of Toman gather together wearing the Toman uniform but with a little modification.

These members include Inupi as the captain of the first division, Senju as the captain of the fifth division, and Chifuyu as the vice-captain. Thereafter, Takemichi arrives as chairman of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi turns to the gang members and apologizes for losing to Mikey. He says that the real president of the Tokyo Manji Gang is Mikey, but he is far away and no one can bring him back.

So now they have no choice but to defeat Mikey and crush Kanto Manjikai. Surprisingly, everyone feels Takemichi’s emotions in that speech and feels confident in his decision to follow him. You can see more spoilers and scans of Tokyo Avengers Chapter 242 in this Twitter link.

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