Tokyo Avengers Chapter 243 release date and read manga online

The Tokyo Avengers manga is coming to an end, and fans are eager to see what Chapter 243 has to offer us this week. Well, here is everything you need to know about the release schedule and spoilers for the upcoming chapter.

tokyo avengers de ken wakui is an interesting story about motorcycle gangs and criminals. The manga became more popular after the anime adaptation of Tokyo Avengers aired last year.

The anime presented fans with a unique story that featured plot twists after every few episodes. So it comes as no surprise that the anime’s final episode will end on a massive cliffhanger. Previously, The Truth News reported all about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 242 and now it’s time to explore the next chapter.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 243 Release Date

Tokyo Avengers Manga Chapter 242

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers manga Chapter 242

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 243 Release Is On scheduled for Tuesday, February 22, 2022. If you are in Japan, you can read the next chapter of the manga in the next issue of the kodansha weekly magazine.

In the previous chapter, we saw Takemichi talking to his gang at their first meeting. Takemichi, who was once a scared crybaby, showed confidence and pride as he addressed his gang members. Everyone already knew that they were following the right guy, but the speech of Takemichi gives them confidence that they would win against Mikey.

Where can I read Tokyo Avengers chapter 243?

Tokyo Avengers Manga Chapter 243

Photo: Kodansha/Tokyo Revengers

International fans can purchase the Tokyo Avengers volumes through the Kodansha official website. remember that you can watch the anime Tokyo Avengers on Crunchyroll.

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