Tokyo Avengers Chapter 253 spoilers and site to read the manga

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 253 featured several major events, and recent spoilers confirmed that it is one of the most heartbreaking chapters of the series. manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.

In the previous chapter of Tokyo Revengers, we saw Pah confronting his childhood friend Mikey. Pah claims that he never understood what Mikey wanted, but he always blindly followed him without caring about the consequences.

However, Pah has reached his breaking point and finally prepares to try and put an end to Mikey’s madness. Of course Mikey’s power is too overwhelming and he defeats Pah in an instant and knocks him unconscious. In online predictions, it was even hinted that Koko might challenge Mikey.

Mikey Tokyo Avengers Anime

Photo: Linden Films / Mikey from the anime Tokyo Avengers

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mikey in action, so the community was thrilled to see him in the fight. In fact, they were all missing Mikey’s signature kick.

However, the circumstances in which Mikey fights are heartbreaking. In every episode, we see Mikey nearly kill people who were once his friends, and well, the next chapter is going to be no different.

Read Online Tokyo Avengers Chapter 253

Tokyo Avengers Manga Ken Wakui

Photo: Kodansha/Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 253 premiered on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Fans in Japan can read the next chapter through Kodansha’s Shonen Jump magazine. On the other hand, readers from the rest of the world can buy volumes of Tokyo Avengers at the Kodansha official website.

Another vision of Takemichi in Tokyo Avengers 253

According to spoilers, the upcoming chapter focused first on Hanma’s fight with Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Hakkai, and Akkun. The four of them were exhausted from their previous fight, so it didn’t take long for Hanma to defeat his opponents.

We then see Pah on the ground, Pehyan, Smiley and Angry making their move against Mikey. Smiley was the first to take a beating from Mikey, then Angry and Pehyan went through a similar experience against Mikey.

Takemichi is devastated to see Mikey mercilessly beating up his old friends. At this point, Takemichi switched his focus from the ongoing fight against Kakucho to Mikey. Kakucho used this opportunity to land a powerful blow on Takemichi, who rolled on the ground and approached the train tracks.

Takemichi touched the tracks with his hand and that’s when he had another vision. In this vision, Takemichi saw all of his friends dead on the tracks after being hit by a train. Sanzu is apparently driving a train to slaughter the second generation of the Tokyo Manji gang once and for all.

The new sight obviously terrified Takemichi, and he wondered if Sanzu would really go to this extent to win the fight. Well, hopefully we’ll get our answers soon. In the meantime, The Truth News reminds you that you can watch Tokyo Avengers anime series on Crunchyroll.

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