Tokyo Avengers Chapter 255 release date and spoilers

After seeing that horrible sight, Takemichi rushes to save his friends from Sanzu’s terrifying plan. Also, Kakucho offers to help Takemichi fight Sanzu. Here’s everything you need to know for the manga Tokyo Avengers Chapter 255.

Previously in The Truth News we explain everything that makes Mikey so strong and feared in Tokyo Avengers, manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui for the Kodansha Comics imprint.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 255 Release Date

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 255 Manga

Photo: Kodansha/Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 255 will be out on Tuesday May 31, 2022. The chapter will be released in Japan on Wednesday, June 1, and you can find it on the Kodansha official website.

Summary of Tokyo Avengers 254

Tokyo Avengers 254 Spoilers

Tokyo Avengers 254 Spoilers

Recall that Takemichi tries to stop Sanzu in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254. As Takemichi clings to a part of the train tracks, he has another vision. There, he sees the train running at full speed before derailing and losing control. Some of the freight cars start flying everywhere and people start running to avoid being crushed.

However, not everyone was able to escape in time. Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and Hakkai were crushed to death. Sanzu appears and says that they were bothering him so he decided to kill them all at once. Takemichi gets scared and starts running. Kakucho starts to chase after him, but Takemichi tells him to stop following him.

Takemichi thinks the vision has probably already started, so he headed to the end of the train tracks. Kakucho continues to chase Takemichi and begs him to let him go.

Kakucho catches Takemichi and demands that he tell her what is going on. Takemichi tells him to move and that he won’t let anyone die. Kakucho is surprised by Takemichi’s change in attitude.

Meanwhile, Sanzu is already trying to figure out how to get the train moving. However, Takemichi and Kakucho show up before he can do anything drastic. Sanzu is surprised to see them there, and Kakucho is also surprised that what Takemichi said was true.

Takemichi tells Sanzu that he knows of his plans. Kakucho offers to help Takemichi fight Sanzu. He says that in the meantime, they are calling it a truce.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 255 Spoilers

Kakucho was surprised to see Sanzu operating the train. As for Sanzu, he too was surprised that Takemichi and Kakucho learned of his location. Sanzu asks how they found it, but Kakucho doesn’t know what to answer either.

Kakucho wonders if Takemichi can see the future; however, Takemichi remains silent. Sanzu mentioned that after visiting the area several times, he decided that he would kill everyone who used the train.

Kakucho questions Sanzu about his intentions and why he would go so far as to kill his opponents and friends. Sanzu says that he doesn’t care if they’re enemies or friends: he’ll kill everyone except Mikey. He says that he too refuses to let anyone mess with his plans.

Suddenly, Sanzu pulls out a katana and goes for Takemichi. However, Kakucho protects him, causing him to injure his arm. Sanzu planned to attack Takemichi with the intent to kill.

Sanzu praises Kakucho for his bravery. Kakucho asks if Sanzu used the same katana to kill Mucho, but he doesn’t answer. Kakucho and Sanzu reveal that they never liked each other and end up fighting. Kakucho uses his jacket to fend off Sanzu and successfully beats him up.

It is revealed that Kakucho lost his parents at a young age. He doesn’t use his last name because he wants to be alone, but then he ran into Izana and met Takemichi. Before being stabbed by Sanzu’s katana, Kakucho says that life wasn’t that bad. On the other hand, we remind you that you can watch the anime Tokyo Avengers on Crunchyroll.

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