Tokyo Avengers Chapter 262 spoilers and where to read the manga in Spanish

Spoiler warning! the japanese manga Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Avengers has entered the final arc. The previous chapter featured Hanagaki Takemichi managing to deal with his old friend Mikey (Sano Manjiro). He promised to save Mikey in the future. Sanzu comes to get revenge on Taiju for crashing into him with his motorcycle.

As we all know, Takemichi is a time traveler, it seems that the next chapter of the manga will focus on Mikey and Takemichi’s power to travel through time.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 262 was released on Wednesday July 20 continuously. Here are the spoilers, scans and the site to read Chapter 262 of the Tokyo Avengers manga in Spanish.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 262

Image: Kodansha/Tokyo Revengers Chapter 262

As Taiju lost concentration, Sanzu took a katana and stabbed Taiju in the back. Taiju was shattered and fell to the ground, unconscious. He screamed in pain.

Mikey somehow figured out that Takemichi is a time traveler. But Mikey makes fun of him saying that Takemichi is a time jumper, but he can’t stop what is happening right now. He will therefore not be able to save Taiju.

The Truth News He shares with you that Takemichi faced three Kanto Manji warriors alone. Hanma also appeared. He, Sanzu, and Mikey tried to catch Takemichi. However, Chifuyu arrived in time to help the captain from him.

He ran towards Hanma to punch him, but Hanma’s punch easily stopped him. Mitsuya felt desperate. Hanma then threatened Chifuyu that he can’t do anything now, and all the Toman members fell down and were easily defeated.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 ended with Chifuyu declaring his loyalty to Takemichi, stating that he is the vice president of the gang and that he will support his partner until the end. But Sanzu, Hanma and Mikey surround Chifuyu and Takemichi while the Toman are trapped like mice in a net.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 262 showed how the Toman members got out of the trap. Will Takemichi be able to see the future of war? Things got out of hand when Mikey started hitting both his enemies and his allies.

Read Tokyo Avengers 262 in Spanish

Readers can follow Japanese manga chapters legally on the Kodansha official website, but they have to pay to read the latest chapters. On the other hand, unofficial websites like they have available Tokyo revengers Chapter 262 in Spanish.

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