Tokyo Avengers Chapter 263 Will Reveal Mikey’s Childhood

No wonder fans are eagerly awaiting Tokyo Avengers Chapter 263. In the last episode, Takemichi and Mikey prepare for the fight. Since the manga is nearing the final part of the battle, the next chapter is highly anticipated.

Raw scans and images for Tokyo Avengers chapter 263 are available and this one is titled “Be Strong”. The chapter is likely to feature the legendary “tragic backstory” of Manjiro Sano (Mikey).

Japanese manga writer Ken Wakui has previously provided a glimpse into Manjiro’s past multiple times., but the story was narrated in the voice of another person. But this time, The Truth News He shares that fans will directly learn more about Mikey’s past in the Tokyo Revengers manga.

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers 263

Tokyo Avengers 263 Mikey

Image: Kodansha / Tokyo Avengers 263 Spoiler

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 will show Mikey’s childhood with his parents and delve into his friendship with Haruchiyo. The raw scan provides some story pieces to be seen in the chapter. The filtered panels are divided into three parts.

The first part of Tokyo Avengers chapter 263 shows the little Mikey in the hospital apparently with his parents. Many fans think that his father looks like Takkemichi. Is that Mikey’s dad? If true, then Mikey and Takemichi are brothers, Indonesian outlet Jurnal Medan predicted on social media.

The second part of the scans contains a single page and begins with Haruchiyo, who received his scars. But this time, Tokyo Avengers chapter 263 will narrate the story from Mikey or Haruchiyo’s point of view versus Sanzu’s point of view.

The panel shows Mikey standing in front of Haruchiyo, who is crying as he cradles his bloody face. This story was in the memory of SanZu. However, the main difference is that the panel image shows that Mikey’s hand is bloodless.

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The third panel of Tokyo Avengers Chapter 263 spoilers contains Haruchiyo, now about 12 years old and with bandages on his facewho comes along with Baji to inform Mikey and Draken of something, which then shocks the latter two.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 263 will be released on July 26, 2022 in Japan. Readers can follow the Japanese manga chapters in the Kodansha official website, but they would have to pay to read the later chapters. You can read all about previous Tokyo Avengers chapter 262 here.

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