Tokyo Avengers Chapter 270: Mikey’s Tragic Death and Baji’s Return

Recent chapters of sleeve Japanese tokyo avengers they focus on the time-jump story of Mikey’s brother, Sanichiro. Each chapter shows a different story of Mikey.

Hopefully the writer ken wakui will connect each story at the same point. The Chapter 270 from Tokyo Revengers is another major update that will show more about Sanichiro and Mikey’s past.

After Mikey revealed that he and Takemichi are in different timelines, we saw Shinichiro’s appearances in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269. Keep reading The Truth News for more manga spoilers.

Previously, we saw that Shinichiro has traveled back in time to save Mikey. We also saw Shinichiro taking care of Mikey, who is seriously ill after an accident.

Mikey couldn’t feel anything and could only sit in a wheelchair. After four years, Mikey’s condition showed no improvement, as he was practically in a vegetative state.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 270 Spoilers

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 270 starts with Shinichiro and Baji talking in the car. This time, Baji’s appearance is different from before, he dyed his long hair. Shinichiro tells Baji that Sanzu Haruchiyo has finally been released from prison.after a year behind bars.

Baji complains why they need to go say hello to Sanzu, the madman who hurt his friend with the Katana. However, Shinichiro told Baji not to say that, because Sanju was angry at the person who insulted Mikey (Majiro Sano).

Shinichiro then asked Baji why he didn’t join high school. Baji replied that there is no fun in high school. However, while they were chatting, the car arrived at the prison where Sanzu will be released.

After meeting Sanju, he asked about Mikey. Shinichiro answered Sanzu’s question with a smile and said that if he wanted to know how Mikey was doing, then he should meet up with him alone.

The three then went to the hospital where Mikey is hospitalized. Sanzu met Mikey last year before he went to prison. She was surprised to see Mikey’s state and asked if she still recognized him. Seeing Mikey’s condition, Sanzu grabbed Mikey’s hand but Mikey just looked at him without saying anything.

They left the hospital. Sanzu is concerned about Mikey’s condition, while Baji is more concerned about the fate of his brother, Shinichiro. He knew that Shinichiro pretended to be strong after his grandfather died and Emma left the house.

Tokyo Avengers Manga Spoilers

Image: Kodansha / Mikey in Tokyo Avengers Chapter 270.

Baji notes sadly that Mikey won’t survive much longer. And, in fact, a month after Baji and Sanzu met Shinichiro, and learned that Manjiro Sano passes away on July 20.

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After Mikey’s death, will Shinichiro be able to go back in time to rectify everything and save his brother? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 will reveal the turning point on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

Readers can follow the chapters of the Tokyo Avengers Japanese manga in the Kodansha official websitebut they would have to pay to read the later chapters.

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