Tokyo Revengers 1 & 2 Review

Norma Editorial brings us the spectacular Tokyo Revengers manga in a double volume format and here we leave you our opinion

From time to time there are series of comics that generate a strong phenomenon in society, either because of their themes or because of their symbols. One of the fronts that attract the most public is usually manga, that is, the art of Japanese comics. Some time ago the number of people who kneads in its wake is brutal and they generate phenomena with some of his most recent series.

For today we have to talk about a series centered on Tokyo gangs that has aroused a lot of interest in the population. Either because of the use of somewhat problematic symbols in their characters or because of the story they want to show us, Tokyo Revengers has drawn a lot of attention and as soon as we learned that Norma Editorial was going to bring it to our country, many were crazy with happiness.

To be honest, I had personally heard of her, but It has not been until it has arrived in our country I have been able to give it a try and, the truth is that it has been entirely satisfactory. Although now we will inquire a little more on plot and drawing details, I have to anticipate that it has been a great experience and perhaps one of the best readings of all this year.

As I always comment in my reviews, this is going to cover the first two volumes of Tokyo Revengers no spoilers, but we will seek to give an overview, to be able to encourage you to read it in case generates some interest what little you see here. However, it is always convenient that each draw their own conclusions, despite some that I can contribute. Without further ado, let’s start with the review.

Tokyo Revengers - Norma Editorial

Gang fights and time travel? If it’s posible

Tokyo Revengers - Norma Editorial

The truth is that seen like this, the plot is not something tremendously complicated, if you miss some details. This work by Ken Wakui tries to tell us the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who is approaching his thirties and he realizes that his life is something disastrous. Without eating or drinking it, he finds himself trapped in a job he does not like, in addition to having lost all contact with what made him happy in their teens.

All of this will begin to spin in the head of the protagonist when he learns the death of his high school sweetheart. Analyzing the causes of death it can be seen that it was due to an altercation with an old street gang: the Tokyo Manji or They take. One day, after learning about all this, Takemichi falls onto the train tracks and it is at that moment that he realizes a timeskip 12 years ago, in their teens.

When taking this timeskip, our protagonist realizes that he has traveled completely to the past and begins to carry out his normal life. However, it begins to make slight changes until there comes a time where he has contact with Naoto Tachibana, the brother of Takemichi’s girlfriend in adolescence and who had passed away in the future. This triggers him to return for his time, observing that Naoto is a link to take these trips in time.

Knowing that Naoto is the cause that Takemichi can perform these jumps, little by little will try to find out how to get That all those people he loved in his high school days can continue to maintain contact with him and not die trying, as in the case of his girlfriend. For it, our protagonist will see how he will have to intrude more and more in the Toman, even coming to have to be part of it, which will lead to many problems and it will make you think about your opinion of them.

Tokyo Revengers - Norma Editorial

Ken Wakui mixes a teenage style with the rawest of reality

Tokyo Revengers - Norma Editorial

We should not overlook something very key of this story: it all has to do with street gangs and that entails crimes. Historically, stories focused on mafias and gangs tend to have a darker or a bit more murky touch, since they can involve deaths, torture, fights or crimes of drugs or theft. For Tokyo Revengers it was not going to be different and it is something with which you have in mind from the first moment.

Despite all this, and that they try to give it a much more adolescent approach, everything these bands do are there. With a style very mixed between cartoon and something more realistic, the drawing of Ken Wakui can come to define himself as a middle way between both extremes, which leads to a very adolescent style in order to attract more public. Nevertheless, a strong contrast is generated when the harsh reality arrives.

As we were saying, the life of a teenage gang member can bring many problems legales. We have already seen it in countless stories of this style that have nothing to do with sleeves. Normally, the protagonists of these stories are involved in deaths, robberies and sexual assaults, things that they will continue to see each other in this series but not in such a visceral way as expected, respecting that cartoon-like design.

For this simple reason, Tokyo Revengers maintains an art with a spectacular balance, with a sometimes cartoonish style that may recall some characters from Battle Royale, but that does not come to present as much viscerality as we can see in its most tense moments. Thus, it is achieved that it can be more pleasant and that the public who sees it can tolerate it better.

Tokyo Revengers - Norma Editorial

If you haven’t read it, you have to give it a try

Once I have read it, I can get to understand the commotion when the starter pack hit the stores. Being in that month one of the best-selling manga comics in our country, it is more than justified. Thanks to Norma Editorial we will be able to enjoy the series in a double volume format, which collect two tankobon tomes of the original version.

We are currently being able to enjoy the third volume of the series in our country, only being able to access the first two in their independent format, since it seems that the starter pack is out of stock. However, it is entirely worth it and from here we highly recommend the purchase of this manga, since the end of its second volume promises to bring us great things for what is coming.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers - Norma Editorial

Tokyo Revengers 1 and 2 – Synopsis

ISBN: 978-8-467-94888-2

Synopsis: Takemichi, a loser who was a gang member in his youth, jumps back 12 years in time to return to high school and save his ex-girlfriend, Hina, who has now been murdered by the Tokyo Manjikai criminal organization. With each time trip, Takemichi influences those around him and little by little he changes the past … but will that be enough to save Hina and prevent the Tokyo Manjikai from becoming a feared criminal gang?

Author: Ken Wakui.