Tokyo Revengers: 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging

Tokyo Revengers It is about a young man named Takemichi who joins Toman, a gang of which he aspires to be the leader. The twist is that he had to travel back in time to do it. In his original timeline, Toman becomes very dangerous and is responsible for the deaths of some of Takemichi’s loved ones.

To prevent history from repeating itself, Takemichi went to great lengths to stop Toman from within their ranks. Throughout the series, there were some big cliffhangers that left fans hanging. However, not all cliffhangers are created equal, and some are much larger than others.

10 Baji Met Kazutora, Who Was Quite Mysterious At The Time, In Episode 14: Break Up

After Kisaki joined Toman, Takemichi made a deal with Mikey that he would be kicked out of Toman if Baji returned to the band. When they parted ways, Takemichi found Baji’s amulet, which had a photograph inside of the six original Toman members: Mikey, Draken, Baji, Pah, Mitsuya, and Kazutora. The last one, Kazutora, was someone Takemichi didn’t know, since Mikey had never mentioned him. Baji met Kazutora at the end of the episode, leaving fans wondering who he was and what role he played in the formation of Toman.

9 Toman leaders prepare to welcome a new captain in Episode 13: Odds And Ends1642499855 50 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

When Takemichi went back in time to get another chance to become the leader of Toman, he was with Mikey and Draken in a public bathroom. As they left, they joined some of the other Toman members as they prepared to welcome the new captain of the gang’s Third Division. Since Takemichi hoped to gain more power in Toman by becoming the leader of the Third Division, he was surprised to find that Mikey had already decided who would take Pah’s place, and fans were curious who it was.

8 Takemichi swore to save Hinata again becoming the leader of Toman in episode 12: Revenge1642499855 434 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

After Takemichi and Hinata reunited in the present, he temporarily walked away from her to go to the bathroom. When he returned, he was shocked to find that Hinata, who was sitting in Naoto’s car while waiting for Takemichi’s return, was hit by a car Akkun was driving. Akkun still had orders from Kisaki to kill Takemichi and was unaware that he was not in the car at the time.

Although Takemichi wanted to save Hinata, Hinata was unable to move her legs and the car exploded moments later. To save Hinata, Akkun, and everyone else who had died because of Kisaki, Takemichi swore to go back in time once more and become the leader of Toman.

7 Peh met with Draken, intending to kill him, in episode 8: Change1642499856 765 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

Knowing that Draken was in danger, Takemichi hoped that he could save him. Although he knew that Kiyomasa was planning to kill Draken, he had no idea that Peh had the same in mind until he met Takashi. When he found out, Draken and Emma walked away from the festival that they had gone to with Takemichi and Hinata. Peh, ready for revenge, called out to Draken from behind. Peh blamed Toman’s vice president for Pah being sent to prison.

6 Moebius Prepared To Fight The Toman Members In Episode 6: Regret1642499856 172 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

Takemichi knew how dire things would be in the future if Toman and Moebius fought each other, so he tried to convince Mikey to call off the fight during a meeting between Mikey, Draken, Pah, and Peh. Mikey refused to back down. Soon after, the Moebius leader Osanai approached them. After stepping into Pah’s skin and knocking him down, Osanai taunted Toman as his followers surrounded them. As Toman continued to come up with a plan on what to do, Moebius was fully prepared to fight his enemies.

5 Hanma went to Toman’s meeting in episode 23: End of War1642499856 554 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

One of Toman’s greatest enemies was Valhalla, and Hanma was one of its most important members. He was a huge threat to them, especially during Bloody Halloween. Before a Toman meeting, Takemichi was formally welcomed into the band by Draken, Peh, and Takashi. However, he was not the only one. As the meeting began, Mikey stood in front of his followers, with Hanma at his side. Fans were just as surprised as the Toman members that Hanma was there and wondered what Mikey was planning.

4 The Battle Between Toman And Valhalla Started In Episode 18: Open Fire1642499856 275 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

When Toman and Valhalla met to fight each other, one member of each gang chose how the fight would play out. Either five members of Toman would fight against five members of Valhalla, or all members of each gang would participate in the battle. Draken and Kazutora were the chosen members, but Draken left it up to Kazutora to decide, as Valhalla challenged Toman to the fight.

Kazutora punched the referee and announced that Valhalla intended to kill all of Toman’s inhabitants without conditions. Afterwards, the two gangs ran towards each other, ready to fight to the death and leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

3 Baji bled out in episode 20: Dead or Alive1642499857 758 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

During the fight between Valhalla and Toman, Baji intended to kill Kisaki. However, before he could kill his enemy, he began to spit blood and fell to the ground after taking out the Toman members protecting Kisaki. Although he was attacked by Kazutora at the beginning of the match, he did not appear to be injured, so the fans were shocked to see Baji go down. They didn’t understand that he was in much more pain than he admitted to Takemichi.

2 Draken Appeared To Die In Episode 9: Revolt1642499857 760 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

During the battle between Toman and Moebius, Takemichi tried to find Draken so he could protect him. He was afraid his friend would die and Toman would rot if he didn’t save him. He noticed Kiyomasa walking by with a bloody knife, claiming that he had done it. Takemichi looked back to where Kiyomasa had walked, noticing that Draken was slumped to the ground and bleeding to death. At the time, it seemed that one of the most beloved characters in the series had died and that Takemichi had failed in his mission.

1 Kisaki Shot Takemichi In Episode 24: A Cry Baby1642499857 678 Tokyo Revengers 10 Worst Cliffhangers That Left Viewers Hanging.webp

In the present, Kisaki drugged and tied up Takemichi and Chifuyu because he considered them to be traitors. While Chifuyu betrayed Kisaki to avenge Baji, Takemichi had no idea what was going on. Kisaki shot Takemichi in the leg before pointing his gun at Chifuyu and killing him after saying his last words. Kisaki then pointed the gun at Takemichi again and yelled at him before pulling the trigger. Since this was the last episode of the season, fans are eager to see what happens next.