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In the chapter of Tokyo Revengers 221, there was one of the great events that has impacted its fan community. This franchise of Ken Wakui about youth motorcycle gangs, time travel and friendship relationships just broke the hearts of thousands of people. But what happened now?

On Tokyo Revengers 221, there was one of the most interesting resolutions of this current arc so far. This chapter shows us that Size has become the newest ally of Mikey, who is one of the three strongest gang leaders in Tokyo. So we’ll probably see it in action soon.

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For its part, we are confirmed that Takemichi Hanagaki and Senju They have survived the premonition I had.

And, with the arrival of Dragons a Tokyo Revengers 221, they finally managed to chase away the danger. The killers had come looking for Takemichi, your head now has a high price.

dragon death

But how did you know Dragons that these gang members had gone to murder Takemichi? According to him, Inupi, your new partner in D&D Motors, his workplace, had informed him that they would go after him in the park.

And, more importantly, they are not from the faction of Mikey. On Tokyo Revengers 221, Dragons tells us that it was the faction of Rokuhara who had ordered this attack.

tokyo revengers 221 draken death

Did Draken die in Tokyo Revengers 221?

For his part, Takemichi tells to Dragons that they had managed to change the future together, that he could see the death of Senju. In his vision, she had sacrificed herself and been shot in order to protect him, as she had promised. However, in Tokyo Revengers 221 there was the twist that no one saw coming.

tokyo revengers 221 draken death

Senju he realized that these assassins might be nearby, so he suggested fleeing that danger zone.

However, they realize that Dragons no longer moving, he is not moving after talking with Takemichi Why? On Tokyo Revengers 221, we are shown that he could have been shot that Takemichi and Senju avoided.

tokyo revengers 221 draken death

The last words he says Dragons on Tokyo Revengers 221 before collapsing is: ‘Tell Mikey not to cause too much trouble please. I’ve done everything I can. ‘ Already on the ground, three dark spots are shown on his suit, three spots that had not been shown until now. And, this has been interpreted by the community as three bullet wounds.

The chapter closes with a ‘to be continued’ that will be revealed the following week.

Is it possible that he did die?

On Tokyo Revengers 221 we are faced with the death of one of the main protagonists of the franchise, Dragons he could have received three bullets that would have ended his life. However, this type of event in a series with time travel and interesting plot twists might not be the case.

dragon death

His collapse may have been due to fatigue or other factors that we will discover in the next chapter, meanwhile it seems that in Tokyo Revengers 221, one of its protagonists has passed away. Follow the discussion on our channel Discord.

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