Tokyo Revengers 232 spoilers South Terano and Mikey finally face off?

Chapter 232 of Tokyo Revengers will finally feature Mikey and South Terano facing each other. Rokuhara Tandai’s captain is a complete monster. On the other hand, Mikey has never lost a single fight in his entire life.

The most exciting thing is that they are both surrounded by a dark impulsiveness that drives them to take the violent path. In the previous chapter, Takemichi had a vision that South is about to die.. Everything he’s seen so far has come true except for Senju’s death.

There is a chance that Mikey actually kills South, but there is no one capable of doing it except him. So what will happen when the battle between Mikey and South unfolds? Here are all the latest details of the manga Tokyo Revengers creado por Ken Wakui.

South Terano and Mikey fight in Chapter 232

The next chapter of the TR manga series will begin with the confrontation between South and Mikey. Mikey decides to join the war and destroyed Kakucho singlehandedly. On the other hand, the former easily managed to fight the Brahman leader Senju. Now, the most powerful individuals will fight each other, and both have full control over their dark impulsiveness.

Raw scans of TR chapter 232 reveal that Mikey won’t even listen to Takemichi. The latter will try to stop him because of his vision. As a result, Mikey will tell you that he is in the way. Then, he will break Takemitchi’s arm and advance to fight the South.

However, the crying baby hero is likely not to give up easily. He will do everything he can to prevent Mikey from killing South Terano. Both leaders are complete monsters. Therefore, if an all-out fight breaks out, no one will be able to stop them.

Where to see Tokyo Revengers?

You can see the anime Tokyo Revengers Ken Wakui and Linden Movies on Crunchyrollwhile the original manga is on Kodansha. All TR fans are desperate to see Mikey and South fighting each other. They just have to wait one more day as Chapter 232 is set to go out on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

Chapter 231 of TR opened with Kakucho defeating Mikey. Initially, the latter did not even try to block his blow. That enraged Kakucho, and he told him that there was no need for him to hold back against him. He felt like he was hitting a ghost because Mikey wasn’t reacting at all.

Suddenly, Mikey remembered Kenchin (Draken) and said that he was empty inside, surrounded by darkness. Then his dark impulsiveness shot up, and he hit Kakucho in an instant.

(Foto: Kodansha) Spoilers de Tokyo Revengers

On the other hand, the fight between the South and Senju was still going on. South said it never felt so good, and a new rhythm was born within him thanks to Senju. It was a wonderful moment for the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. South managed to dominate the fight, and when he touched Takemitchi and told him to step aside, the latter had a vision in which South was dead.

On his way, he saw Kakucho lying on the ground and saw Mikey standing behind him. So far the manga spoilers. Finally, The Truth News reminds you that Tokyo Revengers confirms new parody manga with Kodansha.

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