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tokyo avengers It is quite an event in Japan and Spain, and I have not been able to go without recommending it, without writing an article on the web, even if it is introductory. I think Tokyo Avengers is a manga that you should read sometime in your life.

Tokyo Revengers, a worldwide success

We are facing one of the most successful manga in recent years. If you don’t know this work, run, run to buy it. You are late.

Also, in my opinion, editing Norm in Spain It is spectacular. It’s kind of Kanzenban because it contains two normal issues of the Japanese edition. The size is somewhat larger and on top of that it has a slightly silly plus, but it’s cool. The covers are reversible. As I said before the volumes contain, they include two Japanese numbers. Well, you can choose the cover you want to display on your shelf, because both parts of the interchangeable dust jacket are printed with the covers in the Spanish edition. Small pluses that make this edition a must have.

And it is that Tokyo Revengers is a story of overcoming and maturation of the human being, it is a story of an adult person, with very different motivations than when he was young, and who has the possibility of amending his mistakes. But it is not only that, when he manages to travel to the past to change something, that act has repercussions in the present, and in that past; and a kind of paradoxes are created that you don’t know where they will end, or where the next one will begin.

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Tokyo Revengers is a manga that mixes a good script with a good drawing. I would like to say an excellent script and drawing, but for me it is good, not outstanding. But even so, and after several volumes (double in the Spanish edition) published, the tension remains, and the quality is even surpassing. For this reason I am here recommending this manga, because I believe that its high quality, which is maintained over time, is consistent with its fame.

Is he famous and does he sell? Well yes, gentlemen, and a lot. In November 2021 in Spain and thanks (everything must be said) to the promotional pack where the first two volumes came at the price of one, Tokyo Revengers was placed in the national sales ranking. On surfaces like fnac Hello House of the book the manga literally flew by, without taking into account the fact that in specialized stores, which opened at 00:00 at night, endless queues formed. Tokyo Revengers is a viral phenomenon that is loved by children and adults, and boys and girls. No matter the genre, it seems that its author ken wakui has hit the nail on the head.

And speaking of Wakui, I have to say that looking at Internet we realize that in his youth he belonged to a band called Black Emperor. Therefore, many of his experiences are reflected in the manga and that personal evolution is inexorably reflected in the comic and in the maturity of his characters. Therefore, he already has a part earned. But as I wrote before, a great merit of the mangaka is to keep the work going without lowering the quality one iota. And that is a great achievement. I hope that the series has a great ending, which for now does not seem close.

And by the way, and for a final note, in 2021, which is the closest reference to a whole year, Tokyo Avengers has been the third best-selling series in Japan long on the fourth. Being the third best-selling series in the Japanese country is a success, it’s amazing. was left behind jujutsu kaisen and of Guardians of the nightwhich as you all know ended a year earlier revolutionizing the market.

Tokyo Revengers is a manga that you have to read even if it’s just to keep up with what’s going on in this world today. Essential.

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Takemichi Hanagaki is a 26-year-old unemployed man who finds out that the girl named Tachibana Hinata, better known as Hina, whom he dated in middle school, has died. But an accident happens and he goes back in time to his middle school years where he was a delinquent. He swears that he will change the future and save the girl who was his girlfriend.

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Greetings and be happy.