Tokyo Revengers Anime Confirms Season 2 Premiere Date, Christmas Showdown Arc

Tokyo Revengers“He hit the beast a few months ago with a first season that made Ken Wakui’s work go from being simply known, to becoming one of the current peñazos of manga and anime. Of course, the conclusion of the story is one that many did not like, including my partner Pablo, what a tremendous stick he hit him. That said, today it is all news that calls for fun, since it has been announced the premiere date of season 2 of the anime.

Tokyo Revengers is officially less than a month away from the premiere of its anime season 2

So, then I leave you with all the details to take into account about the return of the “Tokyo Revengers” anime, something I remember will be produced by adapting what is known as ‘Christmas Showdown Arc’ (via AIR):

  • It’s official: season 2 of the “Tokyo Revengers” anime starts on January 7, 2023. ❗
  • Important detail to remember: Disney+ acquired WORLDWIDE broadcast rights to the anime of Tokyo Revengers for this second season. ❗
  • What does this mean? That unless they reach an unlikely deal with Crunchyroll or another platform, Tokyo Revengers can only continue to be seen through Disney +. ❓
  • What does this mean version 2.0? That Possibly in many regions of the world we are left wanting to see this continuation. The reason? Disney+ manages its international anime licenses fatally. So much so, that more than two months after Bleach TYBW started, we still have no trace of it in regions like Spain or Latin America. ❓

It should also be remembered that recently Disney+ reached an agreement with kodansha to bring even more of their animes to the catalog of the digital platform. One can only hope that this implies that in the future the anime licenses acquired by the platform receive the treatment they deserve, because otherwise “Tokyo Revengers” and the consequent acquisitions will be thrown into absolute limbo despite enjoying a worldwide popularity.