Tokyo Revengers: Author Reveals Unpublished Details About The Origin Of The Manga And Its Inspirations

Tokyo Revengers: Author reveals unpublished details about the origin of the manga and its inspirations | Photo: Kodansha US / Tomantrad

Tokyo Revengers It has become one of the most successful series within the anime and manga industry in recent years. Kodansha’s manga followed in the footsteps of the success of Kimetsu no Yaiba y Jujutsu Kaisen, stories that after their first anime season reached great popularity among Japanese audiences.

This story focused on Japanese youth gangs has not only won over audiences in its home country, but also managed to achieve great popularity among fans of Japanese animation around the world.

It is because of this that the Kodansha headquarters in the United States decided to interview Ken Wakui, author of Tokyo Revengers. In this, the mangaka revealed some details about the origin of his most emblematic work and the mangakas that were his inspiration throughout his entire career.

Origin of Tokyo Revengers

Foto: Kodansha

Wakui begins by talking about how he came up with making the story of Tokyo Revengers, the artist says that when he was talking to his editor, he asked if he would be interested in working on a universally attractive manga, so after this proposal, the mangaka began to create the foundations of this work.

He comments that gang life changes over time so when he started serializing the manga in 2017, He had no idea what was currently going on with these kinds of people, which is why he decided to place himself in a time with which he was most familiar.