Tokyo Revengers: Author talks about the ending and international fans of the series

Tokyo Revengers: Author talks about the ending and international fans of the series | Photo: Kodansha

Tokyo Revengers has become the favorite series of Japanese audiences today. Although the work of Ken Wakui has been running for several years now, it is not until the arrival of its first anime season that the Kodansha story has managed to achieve success.

This great moment is not only limited to the Japanese public, which is gradually getting it into the battle for the best-selling manga of 2021, but also to the international public. Due to this, the Kodansha company in the United States decided to conduct an interview with the mangaka where he spoke about the beginning and more details of his work, as well as about the success it has had Tokyo Revengers in Japan and the rest of the world.

Ken Wakui comments that he is very happy and grateful to see that the world of Tokyo Revengers expand, as he now has an animated version and live action film, in addition to his printed work. After this, in the interview the artist commented that he has defined the ending for the series for quite some time, but that for obvious reasons he still cannot talk about that topic.

Finally, the mangaka spoke a bit about the success of the series outside of Japan, where he said it never dreamed that his manga about criminals and motorcycle gangs would reach so many people around the world. Comment that is pleasantly surprised by how successful the series has been internationally and hope the fans continue to enjoy Tokyo Revengers until the end.

In this way, Wakui ended his interview with Kodansha from the United States, where he also showed the steps he takes to produce a page of his work each week. On this occasion, the artist was inking a conversation between the leaders of the Tokyo Manji, Mikey and Draken. Here is the video of his work: