Tokyo revengers chapter 21 full recap: Baji-san’s sad death and Takemichi’s resolve

This Saturday, August 28, chapter 21 of the animated adaptation of Tokyo Revengers was launched, a work written and drawn by Ken Wakui, who since 2017 publishes his story in the pages of Shonen Magazine with a total of 24 volumes so far .

The most recent episode of Tokyo revengers led by title: Alive or dead. Here we tell you what happened.

The story picked up from the precise moment that Baji managed to stand in front of Kisaki to kill him, but the stab he received in the back caused him to start bleeding. After this, Mickey got up and said that the fight was over and that they should withdraw; However, Kazutora indicated that he was not going to stop until he killed him, so he ended up receiving a blow that left him on the floor. For her part, Hanma, who stood in front, had the same luck.

The end of the gang war in Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

However, Kazutora did not give up, so the leader of the Toman decided to end the life of the one who killed his brother and now also one of his best friends. When everything seemed lost, Baji got up and affirmed that everything is fine, that Kazutora was not to blame for anything and immediately committed suicide in front of everyone. This made Takemichi think things over again and remember why he is there: to change the future.

Baji’s death in Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

After Baji’s death, Mickey wanted to kill Kazutora, but Takemichi stopped him by saying that it is not what his friend would want. Despite this, he received a blow and a good luck charm fell from his pocket, which everyone noticed and began to remember the past and the beginnings of his gang.

Memories of the start in Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

The production of the first season of the anime was in charge of the director Koichi Hatsumi, who has previously worked on series like Blue exorcist: Kyoto saga at Liden Films studios. For his part, Yasuyuki Muto was in charge of the scripts for this story. The new character designs were under the responsibility of cartoonist Keiko Ota, known for having worked at Ace attorney.

Tokyo Revengers promotional poster. Photo: Liden Films

Tokyo revengers – official synopsis

Watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that Hinata Tachibana, his high school girlfriend, has died. She was killed by a group of villains known as the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Now, he lives in an apartment with thin walls; and his boss, who is six years younger, treats him like an idiot. At the height of his life, he suddenly takes a jump back in time to his high school days. To save Hinata and change her fate, the young man who works part-time must aim for the top of Kanto’s most sinister criminal gang.