Tokyo Revengers, chapter 21 online sub Spanish: when and where to see the new episode of the anime?

On July 1, the third season of anime premieres 2021. There are several titles that have been released, from totally new works to some unexpected returns. However, in the extensive list of series there is one that stands out. Is about Tokyo revengers, that will remain in emission one more time with its second arc.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

Tokyo revengers – chapter 21, synopsis

The battle between the Valhalla and Tokyo Manji groups is nearing its end. After receiving several blows, Mickey falls to his knees and that is when they try to eliminate him, but it is when he sees what is happening around him that he gets up and continues fighting, but then Kazutora appears and a new fight begins. For a moment everything seems to be in favor of the member of Valhalla, but Mickey recovers and begins to beat him mercilessly until almost killing him. Seeing this, Takemicchi remembers what the Draken from the future tells him and how this fact would cause Kisaki to take over the gang, triggering a series of tragic situations.

How, when and where to see episode 21 of Tokyo Revengers?

The Chapter 21 from Tokyo revengers It will premiere in Japan this Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 5.30 am (Peru). In addition, at the same time and day, it can be viewed through the website of Crunchyroll.

  • Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama: Saturday, August 28 at 5.30 am
  • Central America (except Panama): Saturday, August 28 at 4.30 am
  • Chile and Paraguay: Saturday, August 28 at 6.30 am
  • Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: Saturday, August 28 at 7.30 am

The production of the first season of the anime is in charge of the director Koichi Hatsumi, who has previously worked on series like Blue exorcist: Kyoto saga at Liden Films studios. For his part, Yasuyuki Muto is in charge of the scripts for this story. The new character designs are under the responsibility of cartoonist Keiko Ota, known for having worked at Ace attorney.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

Tokyo revengers – official synopsis

Watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that Hinata Tachibana, his high school girlfriend, has died. She was killed by a group of villains known as the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Now he lives in a thin-walled apartment and his boss, who is six years younger, treats him like an idiot. At the height of his life, he suddenly takes a jump back in time to his high school days. To save Hinata and change his fate, the young man works part-time and must aim for the top of Kanto’s most sinister criminal gang.