Tokyo revengers, chapter 22 full recap: Baji’s last will and his message to the Toman

This Saturday, September 4, chapter 22 of the animated adaptation of Tokyo Revengers was launched, a work written and drawn by Ken Wakui, who since 2017 publishes his story in the pages of Shonen Magazine with a total of 24 volumes so far .

The most recent episode of Tokyo revengers It was titled One for all. Here we tell you what happened.

This new episode begins with a flashback of Mikey, who after watching Baji die recalls the early days of the Toman. Everything takes place in the time when the protagonists were between 12 and 13, their gang did not yet exist; But with the intention of protecting Kazutora, who had been harassed by a group called Black Dragon, Baji proposes the formation of a gang, something with which everyone agrees. It is at that moment that the first Toman is formed, with the ideal of giving his life for his companions. To commemorate that day, they all buy an amulet together that they decide to give to Baji, the same one he had at the time of his death years later.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

After remembering this, Mikey understands Baji’s true intentions and how from the beginning he tried to protect the Toman and at the same time Kazutora, who had decided to get away from them and betray them. The young man from Valhalla, who originally wanted to kill everyone, realizes the same thing and everyone begins to cry. In the distance the police siren is heard on the way, everyone begins to leave the place and at that moment Kazutora apologizes to Mikey, saying that from then on he would be responsible for his actions, he being the one who stays. to take the blame for what happened.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

Two weeks have passed since the incident known as Bloody Halloween. Chifuyu goes to visit Baji’s grave and that is where a flashback that originally happens in manga 67 begins. This shows how the duo met during their high school days. At that time, little Chifuyu had no respect for anyone, but it is Baji who with his great charisma ends up attracting their attention.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

At that very moment, Mikey is seen arriving, who also visits the grave of his old friend. Meanwhile, in prison in Japan, Kazutora informs Draken and Takemichi that he has been sentenced to ten years in prison and that this time he is willing to take responsibility for all his actions; but Draken tells him that if he is thinking of committing suicide, he better forget it. Surprised, kazutora wonders the reason for that statement, and there the sub leader of the Toman transmits a message from Mikey: “Here, now and always, Kazutora is part of the Tokyo Manji … I forgive you”, which he does mourn the young man.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

The production of the first season of the anime was in charge of the director Koichi Hatsumi, who has previously worked on series like Blue exorcist: Kyoto saga at Liden Films studios. For his part, Yasuyuki Muto was in charge of the scripts for this story. The new character designs were under the responsibility of cartoonist Keiko Ota, known for having worked at Ace attorney.

Tokyo Revengers. Photo: Liden Films

Tokyo revengers – official synopsis

Watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that Hinata Tachibana, his high school girlfriend, has died. She was killed by a group of villains known as the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Now, he lives in a thin-walled apartment, and his boss, who is six years younger, treats him like an idiot. At the height of his life, he suddenly takes a jump back in time to his high school days. To save Hinata and change her fate, the young man who works part-time must aim for the top of Kanto’s most sinister criminal gang.