Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 release date, spoilers and more!

Revenger: The End of Draken Chapter 225 shows the last moments of Draken’s life. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 begins with a strange event in Rokuhara Tandai Hideout, in which a gang member punishes four members on his own. Tokyo Revenger explores gang wars in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

The enigmatic motorcycle gang unites in the new chapter of the Tokyo Revengers, and those responsible for Draken’s death face justice. He fears that they will accidentally kill Draken instead of Takemichi. He confronts them, asking them why they shot Drake and whether or not they should have done it. “Cutthroat,” reads the chapter title.

Even though he brutalized them, the boss admits that they caught one of Tokyo’s most feared criminals and praises them for a job well done. We will now move on to a fun amusement park. Medics put Draken in an ambulance as the rain continues to fall. People have gathered in the streets, curious to know what is going on.

Tokyo Avengers 225

Takemichi goes the other way. That’s when Takemichi learns that Senju called him and asked him about Dranken’s health. When the doctor apologized, Dranken was already upset, so the doctor couldn’t continue his sentence. During a phone conversation, the doctor confesses to the family that he and his team were unable to save Draken.

The doctor’s words reached Takemichi, and he knew Draken was no longer alive. The doctor has asked Senju to contact Takemichi several times, and each time Takemichi answers the phone. Senju is puzzled and turns to Takenmichi for advice.

Takemichi’s gesture signals the end for Draken, and she instantly understands it. Realizing his mistake, Takemichi apologizes to Senju for not having heard her. As soon as he’s done asking her to repeat himself, another man appears and starts calling Senju’s name in surprise.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 225 release date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 will be released on October 6, 2021. Takemichi recognizes Mikey when he appears out of nowhere. When the Rokuhara gang sees Mikey, they start to shake. In the next episode, we’ll find out whether the War between the Three Gods has officially started or not. The next episode of Tokyo Revengers will explain Mikey’s motivation to visit the city.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers chapter 225?

Other websites will make Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 available to you. The official Tokyo Revengers website is down, but new chapters are released every week.

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