Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 release date, spoilers, and where to read

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Réverger de Tokyo fans are eagerly awaiting the official release of Chapter 234; Well, here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter of the manga.

Caution: This article contains key revelations from the Tokyo Revergers manga.

The last story of Réverger de Tokyo continues, and we are slowly approaching the end of Takemichi’s journey. Fans are still heartbroken after Draken-Kun’s death, but no one has had time to mourn his death due to the war between the three gangs.

In the previous chapter, Mikey brutally defeats Takemichi after trying to stop him from killing South. Now everyone wants to see what will keep Mikey from defeating Takemichi.

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When will Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 be released?

Chapter 234 of Réverger de Tokyo a worldwide release is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 or Wednesday, December 8, depending on your region.

Fortunately, the editorial department has not said the manga will be on hiatus at the time of writing. So, fans in Japan can expect the next chapter to be released on December 8, while the release date will be December 7 for most international readers due to the time difference.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 spoilers

The raw analyzes for Chapter 234 have yet to go live, so we’ll have to wait for the reveal a bit longer. That said, there are a few unconfirmed revelations on Twitter.

Leaks suggest Chapter 234 will begin with Takemichi awakening in a hospital. Koko tells Takemichi that Senju saved his life by arresting Mikey. She tells Mikey the war is over and the Kanto Manji gang has won. Chifuyo then visits Takemichi the next day to announce that there is a funeral for Draken. Obviously, those at the funeral were shocked, but surprisingly most people blamed Takemichi for what happened. As expected, Takemichi accepts everyone’s hatred and promises not to involve anyone else.

Note that these spoilers may not be entirely accurate, so be sure to read the official chapter after its release.

Where to read the Tokyo Revergers?

Japanese readers can purchase Kodansha’s weekly Shonen magazine to read the new chapters. On the other hand, international readers can purchase the volumes Réverger de Tokyo on the official Kodansha website.

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This article is automatically translated into your language. Please let us know if it contains errors.