Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235 release date, recap & where to read

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Tokyo Avengers Fans are eagerly awaiting the Chapter 235 release date, and here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Chapter’s release schedule.

This is the final arc of Tokyo Avengers, and things escalate for every character in the manga. Draken managed to save Mikey and Senju from their disappearance, but he lost their lives in the process.

After several clashes during the three-gang war, Mikey finally reacted to Draken’s death by beating South. However, he also sent Takemichi to the hospital beating him mercilessly. Now everyone is eager to see how things turn out in the next chapter of the manga.

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Previous chapter we saw Takemichi waking up in a hospital and seeing Koko sitting next to him. Koko tells Takemichi that Senju accepted Brahman’s defeat in front of Mikey to save Takemichi from certain death.

After that, we see Chifuyo visiting Takemichi, who tells him that there was a funeral for Draken, and everyone was heartbroken after losing a man like Draken. However, Chifuyo blames Takemichi for Draken’s death and asks him how he let all of this happen. Surprisingly, Takemichi accepts the blame and promises not to involve anyone in this mess.

When is Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 released?

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 235 should happen this Tuesday December 14 or Wednesday December 15, 2021.

In Japan, the new chapter will be released on December 15; however, the release date would be December 14 for most international readers due to the time difference.

There are no updates from the editorial department on the paused manga as of this writing. So you can expect Chapter 235 to arrive on time.

Is Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235 a spoiler?

Unfortunately, spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 235 has not been released, as the chapter has yet to be released in Japan. Either way, you can expect some spicy leaks on Monday, December 13th, so we’ll update this article accordingly.

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