Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Spoilers, Release Date, And Where To Read

fans of tokyo avengers eagerly await the official release of the Chapter 246. Well, some spoilers for the next chapter have already surfaced online, and here at The Truth News is everything you need to know.

ken wakui has surprised the community by bringing the Tokyo Avengers story to its final arc. Kanto Manji is still holding his own against Takemichi’s gang, but the second generation Toman has surprised everyone with his strength.

Takemichi showed his true power by knocking down a strong opponent with a single blow. So, he definitely caught Mikey’s eye, and the gang of Kanto Manji began to take the fight seriously..

Now everyone wants to know how Mikey will deal with it all. Also, it would be interesting to see if Takemichi is still strong enough to take on the Kanto leader Manji. Earlier, we reported all about Tokyo Avengers Chapter 245 manga.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 246 Release Date

Tokyo Avengers Anime Ken Wakui

Photo: Linden Films / Tokyo Avengers anime

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 is scheduled to release worldwide on Tuesday March 15, 2022 or Wednesday March 16, depending on your region. You can read the next chapter through the Kodansha Weekly Magazine. On the other hand, international fans can purchase manga volumes at the Kodansha official website.

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 246 Spoilers

According to the leaks, the next chapter is titled “Giant Killing”. Chapter 246 begins with Kakucho lying on the groundand everyone is shocked at how Takemichi hit the guy.

Senzu doesn’t understand why everyone is surprised because Takemichi has shown his will to stand up to the end multiple times. Fans have shared the first spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 246 on Twitter and trended “Mikey”. Do you think Kakucho will betray Mikey and go to Takemichi’s side?

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