Tokyo Revengers Chapter 256 Spoilers: New time traveler?

Caveat! next in The Truth News will talk about spoilers corresponding to Chapter 256 of the Tokyo Avengers manga. The series is still struggling with efforts to prevent Sanzu from killing all the members of Kantou Manji and Touman.

On the other hand, Kakucho, who was originally Takemichi’s opponent, decided to work together to stop Haruchiyo Sanzu. Also, Sanzu and Kakucho weren’t very close. Sanzu also thinks that all the members of Kantou Manji are bullies. He intends to kill them all and will only leave Mikey behind.

Earlier, we reported all about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255. Continue reading for spoilers for TR Chapter 256. It is scheduled to release on Tuesday June 7th or Wednesday June 8th.

At the end of the previous chapter, Kakucho and Takemichi try to stop Sanzu’s intentions, but the latter did not even hesitate to kill Takemichi with a katana. However, Kakucho managed to avoid the attack and he was severely injured. So, will Takemichi and Kakucho be able to stop Sanzu?

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 256

The title of Chapter 256 this time is “Behind the Scenes”. The chapter begins with Sanzu attacking Kakucho using a katana. Kakucho’s chest was hit by the attack and is bleeding.

Secondly, Takemichi is worried about Kakucho’s condition. However, Kakucho assures her that she is fine. Meanwhile, Sanzu had entered the carriage and prepared to crush all the humans in front of him. The train began to move.

Sanzu said, no matter what happened in the conflict it was not a problem. It seems like he just doesn’t want anyone to be the ruler other than Mikey. That’s why he will make Mikey the sole ruler.

The panel then changes to the past. The panel shows that Haruchiyo is Mikey’s most loyal slave.. Even Sanzu didn’t hesitate to be killed by Mikey. He has given his whole life to Mikey. The reason was because Sanzu and Mikey were friends.

While driving the train, Takemichi suddenly managed to infiltrate the car and try to stop Sanzu. Still, Sanzu said that the train had moved. There was nothing Takemichi could do. Obviously Takemichi rejected Sanzu’s statement.

Tokyo Avengers 256 Takemichi vs. Sanzu

Takemichi dodges Sanzu’s attack.

Takemichi couldn’t accept the reason Sanzu made his plan. It was because Sanzu’s plan was crazy. On the other hand, Sanzu tries to fight Takemichi. However, the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers did not stop pushing Sanzu and did not even hesitate to kill Sanzu.

Sanzu finally started to realize something and decided to ask Tekamichi how he came to know about his plan (since no one else knows about the plan). Takemichi continues to prevent Sanzu from operating the train. Suddenly Kakucho came and hit Sanzu with a crowbar (his forehead started to bleed).

Meanwhile, Takemichi tries to stop the train and begins to tamper with the steering wheel. Kakucho himself is in charge of stopping Sanzu. Takemichi suddenly opened his vision of the future to him. In his vision, Takemichi was about to be stabbed from behind by Sanzu.

And sure enough, Sanzu was preparing to stab Takemichi with a katana. However, Takemichi quickly managed to dodge it. Seeing Takemichi’s quick reflexes, of course, surprised Sanzu.

Time Leaping Sanzu as Takemichi Tokyo Revengers 256

Image: Kodansha/Tokyo Revengers 256

It was because Sanzu attacked at a blind spot. Where Takemichi wouldn’t notice if there was an attack. It was from here that Sanzu realized that Takemichi was a time traveler. This confession was surprising, it was because Sanzu was able to figure it out quickly.

That means Sanzu himself is someone who can jump through time like Takemichi. This can be seen in the sentence “are you also a time traveler?” Of course, this is a statement that Haruchiyo Sanzu is a time jumper like Takemichi.

Hearing Sanzu’s statement, Takemichi fell silent. On the other hand, Kakucho pushed Sanzu out of the train. Sanzu was thrown from the train. Meanwhile, the train continued its march and began to approach the wounded. Before long, if Takemichi couldn’t stop him, they would all die.

So far the spoilers! Of course this is surprising. There are many wild theories that Hanma is a time jumper like Takemichi. In this chapter, in fact, Sanzu is a real-time jumper.

Of course, to get a clear picture, we have to wait for the new chapter to be released. Remember that you can find the Tokyo Avengers manga by Ken Wakui from Kodansha Comics website or see the anime produced by LINDEN FILMS on Crunchyroll (available in Japanese and Spanish).

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