Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266: Spoilers and where to read the manga for free

The launch of manga Tokyo Avengers Chapter 266 it’s finally here. In the last chapter, we hear about Mikey’s childhood story, the origin of the Dark Urges in his life, and about Toman (Tokyo Manji Gang) from his perspective.

Now, The Truth News He shares that fans will see how KisakiTetta is connected to Mikey’s life. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 will let us know why and how Takemichi completely changed and took charge of changing the situation, as well as how Kisaki brainwashes Mikey into a crazy villain.

Even after meeting the new people in his life, Mikey couldn’t understand that kindness was the only way out of the trauma of his past. Now Chapter 266 of the Tokyo Revengers manga will show how Takemichi is able to bring Mikey out of the darkness. Although the story continues, much remains to be seen of his past.

Spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapters 266

Tokyo Avengers 266 Spoilers Takemichi and Mikey

Image: Kodansha/Tokyo Revengers

In Tokyo Avengers Chapter 266 there will be a fight between Takemichi and Mikey. As the recent chapters show everything that happened before, this chapter could also give a flashback on how TettaKisaki formed a biker gang to make way for his rise as Manjiro Sano’s (Mikey) second-in-command in the Tokyo Manji Gang. .

Also, the goal was to make Mikey the leader of Valhalla, which would strengthen the foundation of the gang and make Toman a powerful criminal organization.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 we saw the flashback of Mikey, Takemichi and Draken riding a bike. Mikey is talking to Takemichi about Shinichiro as he watches him seek more than strength.

Meanwhile, Mikey meets a boy named TettaKisaki. Kisaki convinced him that he is the person who can change his life forever. Shortly after, TettaKisaki and Mikey start talking about Pahchin, who was alive at the time.

To gain Mikey’s trust, Kisaki informs Vanguard Toman of his arrangement to free Pa-jaw from prison, blaming someone else. While they were busy arguing, Baji was looking at everything. The chapter then comes into conflict with Valhalla from Mikey’s point of view.

After learning that Kisaki was the one who pushed Mikey into accepting his darkness, it will be interesting to see how Takemichi responds in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266. Kisaki turns Mikey’s life upside down, causing him to confront his friends. Takemichi will be the guiding light that restores Mikey.

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Where can I read Tokyo Avengers?

Tokyo Avengers Chapter 266 will be released on August 24, 2022 in Japan. Readers can follow the chapters in the Kodansha official websitebut they would have to pay to read the later chapters. You can always read manga for free on unofficial sitesbut we recommend you always choose the legal options.

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