“Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown” premieres its first chapter on Star Plus

After what happened with “Bleach: Thousand Year Blood Warfare”, which caused Disney claims from fans for not passing the chapters simultaneously around the world, the company responded to the popular clamor to carry out the so-called ‘simulcast’. The first program with which they will begin to be used will be the second season of “which is called “Christmas Showdown”.

But what is a ‘simulcast’? This is the denomination given to the programs that are broadcast at the time they air on their official news network at the same time as throughout the world. This is how Disney, after having bought the rights to “Tokyo Revengers”, has confirmed that the first chapter of the second season of the anime will be available this Saturday, January 7.

“Hello! We appreciate your interest in ‘Tokyo Revengers’. We are pleased to inform you that in Latin America, season 2 of this spectacular manga series will premiere this Saturday, January 7 on Star+. We hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy day!”They reported through the official Star Plus Help account in response to one of the Twitter users asking about the premiere in this part of the world.

Remember that the first season of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ It premiered in 2021 and it covers the second arc of Ken Wakui’s manga, where the enemy to defeat is the ‘Black Dragons’ gang.


While we are waiting for the premiere of the second season of “Tokyo Revengers”, the official YouTube account of the anime was encouraged to show us what the new opening will be, which stars the band. Official HIGE DANdism and has the name “White Noise”.