‘Tokyo Revengers’, confirmed sequel to the live action movie

tokyo avengers of ken wakui is one of the most popular manga at the moment, reaching to exceed 65 million copies in circulation worldwide. Now, the production of the sequel of the manga live action movie for 2023.

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live-action tokyo avengers

Director Tsutomu Hanabusa and the producer Shōta Okada They hope to return to the project. the manga creator ken wakui has commented that he has read the script of the tape, his heart does not stop racing at the idea of ​​seeing Takemichi of Kitamura, Mikey of Ryō Yoshizawa Y Draken of yuki yamada on screen in theaters again. He has also noted that there will be new actors joining the sequel. Takumi Kitamurawho played the lead Takemichi Hanagaki In the first tape, he has communicated his enthusiasm to return to practicing martial arts and to be able to meet the whole team again.

The first film was scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan in October 2020, but was delayed until 2021 due to covid-19. Tsutomu Hanabusa directed the film and the rock band super beaver performed the theme song for the movie ‘Namae o Yobu yo’.

The movie sold 3.35 million tickets for 4.5 billion yen (approximately 33 million euros), positioning itself as the #1 live action movie in Japanese theaters in 2021. The first film surpassed the total box office receipts of Let Me Eat Your Pancreas (The film is also known as I want to eat your pancreas) from 2017.

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ken wakui started publishing the manga Tokyo Reveners in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shonen of Kodansha in March 2017. The manga has inspired an anime series that premiered on April 10, 2021. The arc ‘Seiya Kessen’ of the anime premieres in January 2023.

Takemichi, a loser who was a gang member in his youth, jumps back 12 years in time to return to high school and save his ex-girlfriend, Hina, who has now been murdered by the Tokyo Manjikai criminal organization. With each time travel, Takemichi influences those around him and slowly changes the past…but will that be enough to save Hina and prevent the Tokyo Manjikai from becoming a feared criminal gang?