Tokyo Revengers confirms new parody manga with Kodansha

The editor Kodansha has announced Todai Revengers, a new series of manga which simulates the shonen title of Ken Wakui, that travels in time, Tokyo Revengers. The new manga will be published digitally through Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app.

Kodansha is also the editor of the serie principal de Ken Wakui, which is published in the company’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Todai Revengers will take place at Japan’s prestigious Tokyo University (often referred to as “Todai” in Japanese, an abbreviation for “Tokyo Daigaku”) and will be drawn by the manga artist. Shinpei Funatsu.

About the Todai Revengers manga

Kodansha anuncia el manga “Todai Revengers”

The Official Magazine Pocket Twitter Account is promoting the series by saying that it is officially “tolerated” by creator Ken Wakui. The first chapter of the parody manga will be released on November 3.

What kind of anime is Tokyo Revengers?

The TR anime is produced by Linden Films

Tokyo Revengers tells the historia de Takemichi Hanagaki, a middle-aged loser who has a dead-end job and a dilapidated apartment. Takemichi’s depressing life gets even worse when he discovers that the only girl he truly loved, his childhood sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed by the violent Tokyo Manji street gang.

Takemichi’s life takes an unexpected turn. Yet when he is pushed in front of an oncoming train and he somehow awakens in the body of his younger self, twelve years ago.

To save Hinata, Takemichi infiltrates the Tokyo Manji Gang, while most of its founding members are still teenage delinquents and it tries to change past events to avoid the tragic future it previously lived through.

Originally created by Ken Wakui in 2017, the series has grown into one of the most popular anime and manga franchises in Japan in the span of just four short years.

Personajes de Ken Wakui (Foto: Kodansha)

The series has more than 40 million copies in circulation and received a Kodansha manga award. An anime adaptation was produced by Liden Films, the animation studio that was also behind Cells At Work !.

The series was also adapted to a live action movie, which launched in Japan earlier this year. The live action film dethrons Godzilla vs Kong in Japanese theaters and has become the highest grossing live action film of the year in Japan.

The live action movie stars Takumi Kitamura like Takemichi. Kitamura will also play another shonen manga hero, Yusuke Urameshi, in the upcoming live-action series of Netflix Yu Yu Hakusho.

The Truth News reminds you that you can watch the Tokyo Revengers anime on Crunchyroll. The episodes are available in Japanese with Spanish subtitles and the show could have a new season in the future.

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