‘Tokyo Revengers’ confirms the premiere date for its season 2: the gang anime returns home for Christmas with new signings

‘Tokyo Revengers’ It was one of the great anime premieres in 2021, and with the spectacular reception that the confirmation of a second season had, it did not take long. We still have to be patient until the new chapters of the gangster anime arrive, but the good news is that we already have a premiere window in sight and they have been revealed more details about season 2including a small teaser.

Christmas sweet Christmas

We already know that the second season of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ will adapt the arc of the ‘Christmas Conflict’, and it does not catch in the middle of the holidays for very little. Because to go a little in tune with the times, it has been confirmed that the anime will return in January 2023although the specific day has yet to be set.

In addition to revealing the premiere window, a first teaser has also been revealed with images of the characters that this plot arc is bringing us forward. Taking into account there is approximately half a year left until the arrival of the second season, it should not be surprising if during the summer Liden Films reveals a new teaser with a real look at the animation.

The ‘Christmas Conflict’ arc will bring new characters and new voice actors to the series to the series, with what has been confirmed to Junya Enok as Inui SeisyÅ« Natsuki Hanae as Kokonoi Hajime and Tasuku Hatanaka like Hakkai Shiba. There will also be a replacement in front of the first season with Masaya Fukunushi as Draken’s new voice in the new chapters.

The first season of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ It consists of 24 chapters and can be seen in Japanese subtitled from Crunchyroll. The anime follows Takemichi Hanagakiwho discovers that his ex-girlfriend from high school hinata tachibana and her younger brother have been murdered at the hands of the Tokyo Manji gang.

Being at the train station, someone pushes him onto the tracks and Takemichi thinks he is going to die, but when he reopens his eyes he has gone back 12 years in time and can relive his adolescence, with which he decides to change the future to save to Hinata and her friends and improve their lives.