Tokyo Revengers does not stop! The manga surpasses My Hero Academia in sales

Tokyo Revengers does not stop! The manga surpasses My Hero Academia in sales | Photo: Liden Films / Bones

Yesterday it was announced that the series of Ken Wakui, Tokyo Revengers, obtained a new record of copies of his manga, managing to exceed 40 million in Japanese territory and becoming a great success for the industry and the Kodansha publishing house.

With the success of its first season that began in April this year and the resounding success of its live action in Japanese cinemas, the sales of the Wakui manga had an increase of almost four times more than the total copies sold that it accumulated at the beginning of this year.

In September of last year, Tokyo Revengers had managed to sell 5 million copies, counting until that moment with 19 volumes available for sale in Japanese territory. After the premiere of its animated adaptation was confirmed, sales had a slight increase, achieving an approximate of 8 million copies by February 10 of this year.

After six months of the launch of its volume 19 and a few days before the premiere of the anime, Wakui’s work managed to double its sales, recording a record of around 10 million copies, something that would be the beginning of the rise in sales in the following months.

From May to June of this year, the manga’s sales rose by almost 10 million copies, confirming that for the month of June the series reached the record of 25 million copies sold, increased to 32 million in the month of July, with the release of its 23rd volume and the premiere of its live action film in Japanese theaters.