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This Sunday it was revealed that actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki will no longer play Draken in the second season of Tokyo Revengers.

Sadly, this was seen coming: the actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki will stop lending his voice to Dragons in the anime of Tokyo Revengers. That was what the official website of the series shared.

The decision was made after discussions between this actor’s talent agency and the production committee behind the anime. In addition to this information, it was reiterated that the team and cast are working on the sequel to the animated adaptation that was announced earlier.

That is, the production of the arc of Seiya Kessen (Christmas Showdown). So the position to play Ken’Doraken / Draken’ Ryuuguuji is vacant and that explains its absence from TV Anime’Tokyo Revengers’ Special Event ~ Tokyo Manjikai Tachikawa Touring ~.

This presentation was held on December 18 in Tachikawa Stage Garden. Organizers gave attendees the option to cancel their advance ticket purchase.

Tokyo Revengers: Draken loses his voice in anime

Everything seems to go “downhill” to Suzuki. Today it was also announced that his musical band, OLDCODEX, It disintegrates. Despite this, his contribution to the second part of Free! The Final Stroke, which will premiere on April 22, 2022, will prevail.

This voice actor and singer is the one who plays Makoto Tachibana in the franchise of Kyoto Animation. At least in this case he was able to continue his work until the end of this great story.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki took a break from all his activities last August. That was announced after it was also revealed that his wife, the singer LiSA, did the same due to mental and physical fatigue.

Both were married in January 2020. But in July of that year it became known that Suzuki had an extramarital affair with a colleague from work. The resulting scandal was tremendous, and then he willingly let one of his papers go.

Was that of Koutarou Higashi / Ultraman Taro in the second season of Ultraman. Who knows what comes now for Tatsuhisa Suzuki. What concerns to Dragons in Tokyo Revengers, I think those involved had a hard time letting go.

This actor was perfect to play this character from Ken Wakui and boy will he be missed. Choose a new seiyuu for the role it is not going to be an easy task and the best thing will be to keep on top of it.

Tokyo Revengers gets second season

If only Suzuki don’t withdraw entirely from the world of voice acting and music. But his career is facing very tough tests. Thanks to Anime News Network for the report.