‘Tokyo Revengers’: gangs, time travel and romance in the manga that everyone wants

tokyo avengers is an inescapable title if one wishes to keep abreast of what the manga fan community dictates. It is not for less: it is an addictive story on two particular fronts.

On the one hand, it explores the atmosphere of criminal gangs in the Japanese capital; on the other, it introduces the theme of time travel that eastern culture knows so well how to explore.

Although titles like Steins;Gate, Mirai Nikki and RE:Zero have raised the stories of this character, tokyo avengers has a special hypnotic pendulum. Between these two paths (criminal gangs and science fiction) an unmissable story is woven, which is finally translated into Spanish and reaches Costa Rica through Ciudad Manga.

For this new episode of The booksellerwe travel to a strange Japan where paradoxes and drama will not be lacking.

an endearing story

Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old boy with no big goals in his life, discovers one day that his ex-girlfriend from adolescence, Hinata Tachibana, as well as his younger brother Naoto, are murdered by the Tokyo Manji, a gang in his neighborhood.

After the sad news, Takemichi is pushed onto a train track, but surprisingly he doesn’t die, but instead travels back in time to exactly 12 years ago, in 2005. Takemichi returns to his high school years, and after revealing to Naoto that Hinata is going to die, Takemichi is suddenly transported to the present, creating a time paradox in which Naoto survives and is now a detective.

For many, the work has a hypnotic flavor due to the way in which its author, Ken Wakui, has refined his style.

This mangaka knows first-hand the ins and outs of the gangs. For almost a decade, his life took place in the underworld of Tokyo and he joined street gangs.

The author has had no problem telling that as a teenager he was a young delinquent and, before becoming a mangaka, he was immersed in mizu shobai, the name given to the dark businesses that take place at night in Japan.

That experience prompted him, in fact, to write his first creation entitled Shinjuku Swanwhich was released in 2005. It is a 38-volume manga about a kind of sex worker recruiter.

Tokyo Revengers gangs time travel and romance in the manga

Although the story aroused interest in some underground circuits, Wakui had his good time in 2017. Tokyo Revengers was a success and an adaptation of the series was commissioned for 2021.

Such was the boom that, when the Norma group decided to publish it in Spanish, in less than a month it became the best-selling publication in Spain. At the time of him, the editor of Norma Editorial, Óscar Valiente, announced on his own Twitter account that he outsold the 2021 Planeta Prize written by Carmen Mola.

It is not for less: the edition is beautiful. It has beautiful designs for the front and back covers, as well as a bookmark and an illustrated card with the characters in the story. The characterization of the protagonists within the manga is beautifully drawn with an emo character.

“It is one of the most trending manga. It has a very different animation, very refreshing in its plot and is very visually stimulating in the genre. You even get attached to the villains because they make you look very human. It is a mixture of aesthetics and content that is very addictive”, says Angie Pinzón, spokesperson for Ciudad Manga.

At the moment, there is only the first volume of the manga translated into Spanish, so it is a great time to get on this entertainment bandwagon. tokyo avengers is available in all Manga City stores, as well as in your website.

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