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Even though tokyo avengers, Ken Wakui’s acclaimed manga is halfway through its latest arc, fans of this work will have to wait before seeing the conclusion of Takemichi Hanagaki’s story. Through a statement, It has been confirmed that the manga will go on an indefinite hiatus due to complications related to COVID-19.

According to Siliconera, people associated with Wakui have been infected with coronavirus. Although the names of these people were not revealed, the situation has been so serious that production of the manga has been completely stoppedand at the moment it is unknown when this manga will return to its weekly publication once again.

This is not the first time that this series has been affected by the pandemic. In 2020, Warner Bros. Japan revealed that the live-action film of tokyo avengers It would be delayed indefinitely, and it was not until July 2021 that this tape reached theaters in this country. Let’s hope that the wait for the next chapter of the manga will not be so long.

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Editor’s note:

This is quite a complicated situation. Although no names were given, surely the infected people were the mangaka’s assistants, and putting their health at risk is a risk that is not being taken. We will just have to wait for the end of this work.

Via: Siliconera.

Tokyo Revengers goes on indefinite hiatus

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