Tokyo Revengers: Hinata’s 7 Best Phrases

Anime fans have enjoyed watching Tokyo Revengers for many reasons, whether it’s because of the time travel, the battles, or the characters. One of the most beloved anime characters was Hinata Tachibana. Early in the series, her ex-boyfriend, Takemichi, found out that she had died, but was able to go back in time to when they were a couple, hoping to save her.

Throughout the series, their relationship developed a lot, with fans beginning to care for Hinata almost as much as they do for Takemichi, thanks in part to all the great dates she went on throughout the anime.

7 “It’s times like this that are important to me. We don’t need to do anything. Just the two of us walking together, talking about nothing in particular. I like being able to relax and spend time with you. I hope we spend a lot more time like this.”

After Takemichi’s past version almost hooked up with Emma, ​​his future self took control of his body and left her. Moments later, he ran into Hinata and freaked out, causing her to mention how her past and future selves acted so differently. He then received a call from Draken, telling him to meet the Toman members at the Musashi Shrine. Hinata decided to accompany him and, on the way, asked him what he considered most important. While he didn’t have an answer, this is what she told him. However, that was the last moment they had like this. When they reunited with Toman, Takemichi discovered that Emma was there, and Emma would soon find out what was about to happen between them.

6 “I’ve never seen Emma so happy. I hope those two work it all out. And I hope everything works out well between the two of them too.”1642932467 972 Tokyo Revengers Hinatas 7 Best Phrases.webp

After knowing each other for a while, Hinata became good friends with Emma. On the day of her birthday, Takemichi discovered that Emma was spending time with Mikey instead of Draken, whom she had a crush on.

Hinata, Takemichi, Naoto, and Yamagishi tried to find out why the two of them were together and got flustered when Draken found them all. However, it turned out that Emma and Mikey were siblings, and after Draken gave Emma a gift, Hinata spoke these words to Takemichi.

5 “Don’t lie. Something happened. You’re not acting like yourself. Just tell me the truth. I want to know everything about you, do you understand? I’m your girlfriend, you know that, fool.”1642932467 694 Tokyo Revengers Hinatas 7 Best Phrases.webp

When Takemichi first came back in time, he wanted to see Hinata again, barely being able to remember her. However, due to how different he was from the person he used to be, Hinata suspected something was wrong with him, especially when he started to cry. She confronted him about it, saying these words to him, although he did not explain what was happening.

4 “What I still don’t understand is why she left me. Please tell me. Why did it happen?”1642932467 838 Tokyo Revengers Hinatas 7 Best Phrases.webp

Before Takemichi went back in time, Hinata had broken up with him. After changing the timeline, the two met for the first time in years. Although Takemichi hoped Hinata would still have feelings for him, he doubted she would.

They went to a place that meant a lot to her, and she mentioned how someone had left her. What he didn’t know, until she said these words, was that he was actually the one who had ended the relationship in this new timeline. He was surprised at how different things turned out.

3 “Well, for one thing, you seem nicer somehow these days, and maybe more mature lately too. I feel like I’m talking to someone much older than me. Or maybe I’m just seeing a side of you I never knew before.” I would like to know more, to know everything about you.”1642932467 764 Tokyo Revengers Hinatas 7 Best Phrases.webp

After they had been together for a while, Hinata invited Takemichi to her house. The two studied in their room and Hinata’s mother was able to talk with Takemichi for a while, embarrassing her daughter in the process. After a while, Hinata thanked Takemichi for saving Naoto from being bullied, prompting him to almost reveal that his brother would become a police officer in the future by accident. Noticing how strange he was acting compared to his usual self, Hinata told Takemichi that he had changed. When he asked her how, this was her answer.

2 “Who exactly do you think you are? You walk into a school you don’t even go to and try to force someone out? That’s not the kind of thing friends do! Takemichi has been going back to house hit all the time lately! And if it’s happening because of you two, I’m going to put an end to it!”1642932467 723 Tokyo Revengers Hinatas 7 Best Phrases.webp

Hinata was always worried about Takemichi, especially when he got beat up. Unaware that he had befriended Mikey and Draken and wanting to protect him, he tried to stop them from taking him out of school and said these words. However, realizing that it was a misunderstanding and that neither Mikey nor Draken would hit Takemichi, he apologized to them and earned their respect.

1 “I gave it to you because you’re that special. You’re not Draken and you’re not Mikey either. It’s just you. You’re Takemichi. You’re not afraid to cry over the pain of others and get frustrated trying to help them. That’s who you are. If you ask me, there’s no one cooler than you.”1642932467 28 Tokyo Revengers Hinatas 7 Best Phrases.webp

When it started to rain at the festival that Hinata and Takemichi went to, they stayed under a tree and were about to kiss when Takemichi found out that Draken was in danger. Kiyomasa had planned to kill him and tied Takemichi up so he couldn’t do anything about it. Hinata ended up finding him and he told her how useless he felt, comparing himself to his friends. She kissed him and let him know that she loved him just the way he was, and it was thanks to that love that she won the hearts of many anime fans.