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Tokyo Revengers (Live-Action)

tokyo avengers It is one of the works of the moment. ken wakui has built a universe that has permeated the public, causing that in 2021 his work will enter the top 5 best selling manga in japan. And around here it has also been a mass phenomenon, becoming one of the most mediatic and promoted releases in the history of manga in Spain.

For this reason, this Friday, April 22, its adaptation to real image lands on the big screen. Digital version distributes in our country live action of tokyo avengersa feature film with lights and shadows that, to say the least, reflects the good times of manganime in our country.

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The success of live-action in the Japanese country

This live-action film tokyo avengers premiered in Japanese theaters on July 9, 2021, ranking number one in the Japanese box office in its first weekend. In addition, the feature film was competing on billboards with belle from Mamoru Hosoda on subsequent weekends.

the bet of Warner Bros. Pictures was strong from the beginning, counting on Tsutomu Hanabusa as director. He is recognized for participating in various live-action adaptations of works such as kakegurui, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, Grand Blue Dreaming either Eiga Osomatsusan.

CC Pony Cayon 2021

In addition, the adaptation has a famous cast consisting of Takumi Kitamura What Takemichi Hanagaki, Ryō Yoshizawa giving life to Mikey either yuki yamada Interpreting Draken, among others. This unparalleled bet was clearly reflected in the box office results and the influence on the increase in manga sales, as can be seen in the following infographic created by @Josu_ke.

An adaptation with respect to the original

One of the greatest virtues of this live-action is the respect for the themes and tone of the work original. With the first arc, centered on the incident of Moebiuspresents the perfect opportunity to introduce the charismatic characters created by Ken Wakui and give them a little development in the three acts of the film.

To this is added the true care in the details, especially in the characterization and the chosen locations. All this manages to generate the perfect atmosphere, and almost identical, for lovers of tokyo avengers. Although, in order not to lengthen the film, they decide to skip certain scenes, to ignore certain characters such as emma and leave aside the plot of internal conflict that the series develops in its first arc. This means that the tension in the final scenes and some twists in the script are more predictable than in Wakui’s work.

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Another of the most striking changes, as can be seen in the trailers, in this adaptation the Tokyo Manji He has an invented symbol on his back, instead of the well-known “sauvástica”. In the case of those unfamiliar with Ken Wakui’s work, they will not notice any difference. Without a doubt, a better choice than the censorship applied internationally in the animated adaptation.

For fans and strangers

There are two things that work especially well in this adaptation: comedy and action scenes. Both present in equal parts in the exact two hours that the feature film lasts.

Comedy is one of the mainstays in Ken Wakui’s first story arc. Takemichi like the weeping and expressive hero or the relationship with his group of friends make up much of the fun of the film. But it is worth notingThe relationship between Ryo Yoshizawa and Yuki Yamada What Mikey Y Draken, respectively. Their interpretation and the good atmosphere between the two makes them the perfect acting couple for the duo of leaders of the Tokyo Manji. This may be because both actors are close friends behind the scenes. In fact, Ryo Yoshizawa mentioned in an interview that getting the role of Mikeyhe proposed Yuki Yamada to Draken. Without a doubt, the pair of actors and their relationship is the best thing about the adaptation.

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I think another big part of the comedy lies in the good translation job. Bad-sounding words go from side to side, without brake. Apart from some words, which in my opinion are misused in their context, such as “pasma” or “mequetrefe”, the translation is very fresh and is especially successful when it comes to playing with the characters and street slang.

On the other hand, we have the action scenes, a very important pillar within the work. In this case, Tsutomu Hanabusa prioritizes the cruelty and brutality to well choreographed and visible scenes. Much of the fights tend to be unpolished, revealing the brutality and dirt typical of gang confrontations. And yes, there is blood in abundance.

Both of these elements make it an entertaining movie for fans of Ken Wakui’s work or for those who don’t know about it but like to watch an action movie about street gangs.

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Entertaining with some “but”

The dubbing is much better than i expected, especially in the main characters. Without a doubt, the actors do a great job and the sound problem that could be seen in the trailer in Spanish is imperceptible in the master used in the cinema. The only but in this regard is more with some filler voices or of very secondary characters, of no more than four lines, which do not quite work. The technical team and the dubbing actors that participate in its version in Spanish is the following:

Also, at first I was very struck by how some names were pronounced like hinata either Takemichi. By keeping the same pronunciation throughout the film, it gives me to understand that it is a decision of the translation and dubbing team. For my part, not having the linguistic knowledge to judge it, I prefer not to emphasize it.

Another of the small problems of the film is its soundtrack. Throughout the two hours, various themes are repeated that take turns for the main scenes and unfortunately none of them quite work. Neither has much personality, but neither stands out to finish packing. Also, as is often the case in these films, the main theme «Namae or Yobu yo” interpreted by super beaver is reserved for credits.

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It’s always appreciated

That these types of products arrive in our country is always appreciated. In this case we can see on the big screen one of the adaptations to real image of one of the phenomena of the moment. And it is, to say the least, a symptom of good health that the world of manganime is enjoying in our country in recent years.

It is clear that it is not a perfect adaptation and there is a lot to scratch if we get picky. We save the spoilers for a video store. But we are in front of an entertaining movie that will make a good afternoon for those fans (or strangers) who want to enjoy it on the big screen.

The best

  • Comedy and its translation.
  • The relationship between Mikey Y Draken.


  • Its soundtrack does not just stand out.
  • Some filler voices, in dubbing, don’t quite work.

Tokyo Avengers (live-action)


Staff: Tsutomu Hanabusa Izumi Takahashi
Year: 2021
Type: real image film
Duration: 120 minutes