Tokyo Revengers manga 220: spoilers, release date, predictions and more

The manga de Tokyo Revengers has become one of the most successful in Japan, and after the announcement of its anime adaptation, its popularity increased much more, displacing other famous titles that have enjoyed much success in recent years.

Despite this, manga readers continue to be excited, because the series already has more than 200 chapters, and one of the most anticipated is 220, which will have incredible surprises, which we will mention in The Truth News, of course, no spoilers.

If you are fond of reading the Tokyo Revengers manga without a doubt this interests you, because we will reveal all the details of the number 220 and what is expected to see in the pages of this installment, which will arrive approximately on September 1.

Tokyo Revengers predictions manga 220

Find out what is more exciting to expect in the next chapter of the manga

How will you know if you are a recurring reader, the manga de Tokyo Revengers It is released every Wednesday and after the events of chapter 219, big spoilers are expected for the next episode, where one of the biggest moments was when it was revealed that Takeomi no longer wants to strengthen Brahman and is only interested in expanding the gang.

Besides this, one of the most obvious ‘spoilers’ is that Dragons could turn to Takeomi for help for his time-traveling friend, although it is said that he also heads to Takemichi’s current location in the company of Inupi, although this will not be known until Tuesday, when the manga’s screenshots are released to later be available through Kondansha.

How many volumes does the Tokyo Revengers manga have?

This manga is one of the most popular anime of the moment

Tokyo Revengers currently has 24 volumes or volumes, which began to be published since March 1, 2017 and have continued every Wednesday since then, becoming one of the most popular Shonen in Japan and other countries, especially in Latin America, where manga is very popular.

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Revengers manga is awaiting the launch of chapter 220, which as we mentioned, will arrive on September 1, and it is said that it will cause as much excitement as when the arrival of the new Valhalla arc was announced.

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