Tokyo Revengers manga 226, spoilers del capítulo “Dynamic Duo”

Tokyo Revengers is a delivery of manga interesting and based on the latest set of spoilers, it will tell the backstory of Benkei y Wakasa, in addition to highlighting the fight between the Haitani and Kakucho brothers against Sanzu.

The last set of chapter 226 spoilers is now available online thanks to the industry insider known as taiyakiboi. The upcoming chapter is titled “Dynamic Duo” and will reportedly offer some insights into Keizo Arashi, more popularly known as Benkei, and Wakasa Imaushi or Wakasa.

Readers will get a glimpse of Kantou several years ago, when some of its regions were dominated by two rulers: Benkei and Wakasa. The Truth News shares more information about the next chapter of shonen.

Manga spoilers chapter 226

Chapter 226 spoilers leak online

Apparently, the western region of Kantou was ruled by Benkei and his Ragnarok gang, while the eastern region was run by Wakasa, whose group name means The Glittering Union.

Another Japanese informant who goes by the name of KINGMANJIRO gave more details on how the eastern and western regions of Kanto were unified. Saboteurs claim it was Sano Shinichiro, the founder and former leader of the Black Dragon gang, who united these groups and united the entire Kantou.

After this flashback, the chapter will return to the current setting and show the fight where Benkei and Wakasa face South Terano. Furthermore, chapter 226 would also put the Haitani brothers, namely Ran and Rindo, in the spotlight.

During the Requiem battle in Chapter 226, Sanzu Haruchiyo will supposedly hit Kakucho’s head with an iron pipe. Readers will also see Haruchiyo say, “No matter how hard the fight is, if you use a weapon, it will be an easy victory.”

Unknown to Sanzu, Ran Haitani is nearby and will hit Sanzu’s face with a staff. Ran says, “It sure is an easy win.” Somewhere Ran’s brother Rindo hears this and smiles. For more information, we recommend reading Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 226 when it opens on Wednesday, October 13.

It should be remembered that Mikey is calm and collected in chapter 225. It is the perfect personification of the language, “the calm before the storm”. Fans believe that Mikey is taking everything – pain, pain and grief – inside of him and it’s only a matter of time before fans see him explode.

How many manga does Tokyo Revengers have?

Tokyo Revengers has 1 manga available to read at Kodansha Comics and this is created by Ken Wakui. The series also has its anime adaptation by the studio Linden Movies and has a first season of 24 episodes available in Crunchyroll.

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