Tokyo Revengers manga 226 Why did Mikey decide to join the war?

Mikey has reached the place of the fight between Brahman Gang, Rokuhara Tendai and Tokyo Manji Gang, but it seems that joining the war is not their true intention. Now that you probably know what happened to Draken, will you avenge the death of your close friend? Next, we share more details of Tokyo Revengers manga 226.

Warning! The following content of The Truth News it’s full of spoilers. Read at your own risk. The manga is written and illustrated by Ken Wakui and publishes new chapters every Wednesday. Up-to-date fans can check out the spoilers for chapter 226.

Previously, we reported on Tokyo Revengers manga 226, spoilers for the chapter “Dynamic Duo” and now we leave you more information about the plot thanks to leaks on social networks. Remember to read the manga from its official sources when it is available in your country.

Mikey’s dramatic arrival

Mikey joins the war (Photo: Linden Films)

Terano South declared all-out war against the Brahman Gang and things got more intense when Mikey arrived. He was with the rest of his group Tokyo Manji, so what was he doing there?

Recent Highlights noted that Mikey he was not interested in the war and that he was there for another reason. He was just standing in the middle of the fight between the two gangs and he wasn’t making any moves. He had yet to make a move to see Draken one last time, so his next plan remained a mystery.

Spoilers de Tokyo Revengers manga 226 (Foto: Kodansha)

Are you aware of Draken’s death or are you just pretending you don’t know what happened to him yet? Mikey may be hiding his emotions and waiting for the perfect moment to see Draken’s lifeless body.

Will he now meet Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers chapter 226? These two have yet to meet, so it’s definitely a must-see when seen in this timeline, when they’re already enemies. Will Mikey hurt him? Will they be in a fight? Draken’s death seems to be confirmed in Tokyo Revengers chapter 221.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers manga 226?

Tokyo Revengers chapter 226 was released on Wednesday, October 13 in Kodansha Comics. You can also watch the first season of anime produced by Linden Films on Crunchyroll and look forward to the hit live action movie when it debuts online.

Mikey may just be sorry to see the war, for now. You may be carefully planning your next move to get to South Terano, according to IBTimes. South Terano is the reason behind the Draken’s untimely death and you can avenge the disappearance of your friend.

If he sees the right time to attack, Mikey probably will. Elsewhere, the next installment can see the continuation of the South Terano, Waka, and Benkei fight. Fans can also witness the end of the current arc and the beginning of a new one, called Black Dragon.

This time, Mikey and Takemichi can share a word. From the looks of it, there are a lot of things going on in the next chapter that fans should see. So far the spoilers for Tokyo Revengers manga 226.

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