Tokyo Revengers manga 234 Can they save Takemichi from Mikey?

Takemichi’s ultimate purpose in going back in time was to save Mikey from his future self, but it looks like Mikey will defeat the time traveler in the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers manga.

Who will save Takemichi, and if your salvation will mean the death of your savior, these are the most pressing issues in the community at this time. The title of chapter 233 is “Better late than never” and will be released on Wednesday.

The final chapter of the manga series describes the conclusion of the war and the events that followed. Previously, The Truth News reported that South Terano and Mikey finally face off.

Spoilers de Tokyo Revengers manga 333

Mikey vs Terano in TR Manga 233

Although the fight between Tokyo’s main criminal gangs is over, Mikey continues to hit South Terano in the face. Takemichi runs south and calls him by name, but Rokuhara Tandai’s top dog no longer responds to anything Takemichi does to him.

Mikey’s group won the conflict since Brahman fell to Rukuhara Tandai and Rukuhara lost to Kantou Mani. Everyone, including Ran and Kakucho, started to leave. Meanwhile, Takeomi talks to Mikey, telling him that he shouldn’t have gone that far, but Mikey kicks him and exclaims, “You should die too.”

Takemichi, the crying hero, tries to stop Mikey by telling him that what he is doing is terrible, but Mikey simply asks, “How do you want to die?” Takemichi is later assaulted by the gang leader Kantou Manji.

Senju realizes this and tries to rush towards Takemichi while yelling the name of the time traveler. Takemichi yells his name before Mikey hits him, but Mikey lands his clenched fist on him.

It’s unclear if South is already dead or alive, and readers can get an update on his health in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234. Takemichi’s idea of ​​South is confirmed in the most recent chapter.

However, what about his idea of ​​Senju? Senju, according to some readers, will save Takemichi from Mikey’s blows. As a result, Mikey will take on the top dog of the Brahman gang and may kill her in the process.

As Tokyo Revengers progresses, things get more exciting, but some fans are concerned about Mikey’s character development.

After all, Mikey decides to join the war for revenge. Will it stay that way until the conclusion, or will the manga’s author, Ken Wakui, surprise readers with a new creative twist?

When does the Tokyo Revengers manga end?

Will Mikey have salvation in Tokyo Revengers?

The manga does not have an end date yet. As for the release date of Chapter 234, it will be released on December 8, with spoilers to be released at a later date. You can read Tokyo Revengers manga on Kodansha and see the anime from Linden Movies on Crunchyroll.

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