Tokyo Revengers manga announces spinoff based on Baji and Chifuyu

The official twitter account of sleeve tokyo avengers announced that the series will have a spin-off which will be entitled “Tokyo Revengers ~Baji Keisuke Kara no Tegami” (translated as “A Letter from Keisuke Baji”), which will be in charge of Yukinori Kawaguchi with the supervision of Ken Wakui, the author of the original work.

The story will be published in the 35th issue of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine by Kodansha publishing house next July 27, 2022, plus it will be available in the Magazine Pocket app (although we may have to wait a bit for some translation).

Among the details, this story will focus on the characters of Keisuke and Chiuyu from their first meeting, which is why the following were also shared designs of these characters of Keisuke Baji and Chifuyu Matsuno in their school days who will star in the next spin-off of Tokyo Avengers.

tokyo avengers started as a sleeve written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, with weekly publications in the magazine Shunkan Shonen Magazine from Kodansha publishing house since March 2017. So far the written series has 257 chapters and 26 published volumes which are among the sleeves best sellers in the first half of the year 2022.

The animated adaptation of tokyo avengers It is made up of a season made up of 24 episodes produced by Liden Films, which you can find on the Crunchyroll platform; but this will change in the near future now that it has been announced that the second season of animenamed as Tokyo Avengers: Seiya Kessen-hen (“Christmas Showdown Arc”), It will be released early next year.