Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 230 spoilers, release date and where to read

The next installment of the successful Tokyo Revengers manga, will probably show the legendary fight between the deities of two of the main criminal gangs in Tokyo, as well as the battle between Mikey and Kakucho.

Titled “Go Easy On”, the last chapter 229 of Tokyo Revengers manga de Ken Wakui offered updates on the ongoing street fight between the Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman and Kantou Manji gangs. The Truth News He shares more spoilers below.

About manga chapter 229

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Chapter 229 began with Kakucho finally arriving at Mikey’s location. He even told the gang leader Kantou Manji that it was highly unlikely that he would watch from the sidelines. Meanwhile, Senju, Brahman’s superior dog, faced the southern Rokuhara Tandai. On the other hand, fans wondered why Mikey decided to join the war.

Takeomi tried everything to prevent her younger sister from fighting the South and even told her to trust him, Benkei, and Waka to defeat the gang leader. Most viewers believe that Senju couldn’t handle South, including Takemichi, but they seem to be wrong. Senju was quick and landed several punches to Sur, which surprised the spectators.

In fact, Senju showed his true strength and ability during the fight and with several crucial attacks, which knocked out the South and left him lying unconscious on the ground. Takeomi also revealed in the most recent chapter that Senju was included in the Three Deities title due to the support of the first generation Black Dragon.

What genre is the Tokyo Revengers manga?

Ken Wakui’s manga is of the genres action, science fiction and yankee. Its popularity was so great, that it inspired an anime season by the studio. Linden Movies and fans can watch the official anime from Crunchyroll.

Spoilers and release date Tokyo Revengers manga 230

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Tokyo Revengers 230 will likely show the fight between Mikey and Kakucho. It can be remembered that Kakucho is the former right-hand man and one of the Heavenly Kings of the Tenjiku gang led by Izana. Currently, he sits as one of the executives of Rokuhara Tandai.

As for her strength, she is believed to be on the same level as Izana’s. While fans have no idea how strong Kakucho is right now, he may not be able to defeat Mikey easily. It is very likely that before he could fight Mikey, he first had to defeat Kokonoi. Readers can see this fight in the next chapter.

Meanwhile, spoilers for the next chapter will likely appear online sometime between Friday and Monday. As for the raw scans of the chapter, readers could see them sometime between Monday and Tuesday.

Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 230 will be officially released on Wednesday, November 10 and will be available at Kodansha. In other news, we previously reported that a Japanese man was arrested for stealing volumes of the Tokyo Revengers manga.

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